NEW Disney Restroom Plan


[I](Associated Press - Orlando, FL)

Walt Disney World, facing revenue shortfalls and declining attendance at the parks, is apparently considering offering a Disney Restroom Plan to enhance receivables. According to an unnamed, but high-placed Disney executive, the plan will be modeled on the highly popular Disney Dining Plan, which allows guests to eat meals at restaurants on property for a fixed daily fee.

Of course, as restroom use in the parks is now free, one asks, who would pony up the reported $10 per day to utilize them. The same WDW source states that is going to change later this year with card slots being placed on all park restroom entrances.

Disney property guests will be able to use their room keys (which serve as park passes as well) and a “per-visit” fee will be charged to their resort bill. Visitors to WDW staying off-site will be able to purchase coin vouchers to enter the restrooms.

A pricing point for restroom visits has not yet been set, according to our source.

The good news is that purchasers of WDW vacation packages will be able to add on a Disney Restroom Plan (DRP), jokingly being called by some cast members at Disney the “Disney Potty Plan”, for $10 per guest per day which will allow unlimited use of park restrooms. Disney is considering also offering a Premium DRP for $15 which will provide warm towels to restroom patrons.

Apparently, Disney resort restrooms will not be affected and will remain free to use for the foreseeable future. WDW anticipates high participation in the plan and up to $22 million in additional revenues over the first year.[/I]


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Sign me up for the warm towels!



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Thanks for the laugh!


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Good one!

There will be free facilities which you can use but it’s a port-a-poddy and only 2 per park.



On the other hand, it does suggest a creative new use for all those refillable cups! LOL


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On the other hand, it does suggest a creative new use for all those refillable cups! LOL[/QUOTE]

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