New Disney Store CM's Shirts


So have you all seen the new CM’s shirts at the Store? They have red shirts now and also new name tags. I think the red is a upgrade over the denim. How many of you remember the cardigans? My DW bought hers(an option) before they went to the denim and they are definitely a rare piece to get a hold of nowadays.


ooooooooh yeah. I really like the new shirts, I am not a fan of denim tops lol
I’m not sure if I remember cardigans, but what an item to own! Lucky DW! :smile:


I remember the cardigans! I totally wanted to work there back in the day! But I think I was looking a bit goth the day I went by the store… can’t imagine why I never got an interview!


I really wish there was a Disney store around here, but they took it out. :crying:


yeah, we used to have 3 within driving distance, now there is only one. Still, one is better than none, and it just had a compleate refurbushment and it looks amazing! I need to go visit soon to see all the Holiday decos!


According to our local DS Manager the CM’s don’t care for the new shirts. They really attract the lint and fuzz from the plush in the stores.


I haven’t seen the new shirts…but I liked the denim ones…oh well, can’t wait to see the new ones


I remember the cardigans…a couple of years ago I saw one go on eBay for a couple hundred dollars! What a hoot!


Are they still called CM’s now that Disney no longer owns the stores? Our DS is a huge disappointment. We went there the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and kept asking ourselves, “Where are the deals?” The prices weren’t great, and the merchandise was so-so.


I agree with Cavey, the Disney stores just ain’t what they used to be. Hardly anything for adults anymore. Selections are crappy. I used to get alot of stocking stuff there, but it’s just not happening. sigh