New Disney Store Merchandise


The Disney Stores are finally carrying more and more park-like merchandise, how cool! I went to my Disney Store I use to work at today and they have Antenna Toppers (had 5 different kinds to choose from - I bought a new Mickey Mouse one to replace my old DLR one), they had VERY nice character Key-Chains, new Pins, all new mugs, new carry totes, new Big-Fig like merchandise and some great other various choices, the stores are also carrying infant merchandise again and the clothing and accessories have improved greatly! Be sure to check out your local Disney Store for some great gift ideas and items to pick up for every day Disney life or before you head off to the parks!


Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!



I’m so jealous! The closest to me is like an hour or more away. But there is a disney outlet i keep meaning to go to about 20mins away. I gotta go there tomorrow lol


Anyone been to MOA store yet? I may have to make a little side trip this weekend! LOL! 1.5 hour side trip but- hey it COULD be worth it…:slight_smile:


DH said we can all take a field trip to MOA this weekend. I’ll report back!!


Ive started to see an improvement in the UK Disney stores, but only a slight one! They’re carrying some lovely trading pins and keychains, aswell as a whole new line of mugs (alot of LE ones). It’s still mostly just kids and infants apparal though and lacking any accessories or adult clothing! Though I can still get my hands on some fantastic authentic disney-wear at other stores for lower prices.


Oooh! Please report back!
I have to go see Grandma who is in the hospital so that kind of changed my plans.
If it is good, I can go next weekend! :slight_smile:


Thanks Tim! I’ve been hoping for a return to the days when adults could walk in and actually spend money on something for themselves other than 1 T-shirt. Maybe they are finally realizing there is an untapped income stream there.