New Disney video promotion with Barney's New York


From the uber-expensive and tres chic Barney’s (which recently took a lot of heat for portraying Minnie as a size 2. Glad to see they almost got that fixed!) – Barney’s Christmas windows are all-Disney this year!

Cute high-fashion video!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Barneys New York and Disney Present Electric Holiday | StyleList


I loved it!


Where’s my magic waterfall to turn me into an extreme ectomorph?


That’s a very cute clip. I know on the DIS, there were a lot of people upset by the ultra-thin Minnie and Daisy, saying it promotes anorexia (I didn’t agree with this at all). However, I think the story behind it in the video clip works to dismiss that argument. Minnie fantasizes that she’s a runway model, but at the end of the story, she’s happy with herself and is able to see the existing glamour in her life.


If you find it Andrea, let me know. I’d love to take a dip in that too:laugh:


I think that was a change from the original version, which they had to make because of the outcry around here. This whole furor started months ago when everyone got a peek at skinny Minnie in the window…

The clip as is, is perfect!


Very cute!! I’m way out of the fashion loop, though - the only faces I recognized were Disney characters. :laugh: