New Disney World Coming To St.Louis?!


My uncle works with a bunch of business folk and today he told me that he heard a rumor that they are considering building a Disney World in St.Louis, Missouri! It would kind of make sense since Missouri is right in the middle of the other two parks. This is most definitely a rumor, but it still got me excited. He didn’t know too many details but he said that St.Louis’ current theme park, Six Flags wasn’t doing too well so they were going to close and Disney was very interested in the property? I don’t quite get how that would work though. It would be a total waste to destroy all of Six Flags’ current attractions, but I also don’t see Disney as the kind of company to just attempt to “rework” everything and make it “Disneyesque”. Thoughts?


I don’t think you will see this happening. There have been rumors like this for the past 30+ years.

The growth is going to be in Asia for the parks for the next couple decades.

(the world is moving east fast. More new car announcements were made at the Beijing car show this year then at any other car show. Just another example.)


I won’t hold my breath on this being true. I don’t see it happening based on weather alone, the park really could only be opened for about 7 months or the year. However, I believe St. Louis was one of the cities that Walt looked at before he decided on Florida.


I would love to see Disney open another park on US soil! That would be too cool. Keep us posted on any other info you hear!


Ditto on this story. The weather alone is the main problem.


Something else to add. It would take a lot to turn Six Flags into a Disney park (just my opinion). The park is built on a hill and you really notice that when you walk through. On a recent school trip, another teacher and I were talking about how difficult the park would be to get around in if walking is any issue for a person. Just at that moment a large trash dumpster on a hill behind me started rolling toward us and would have run over me had the other teacher not said something. We jumped out of the way but it did plow a young lady down. I don’t know how she got up after it hit her, it hit her HARD. The sidewalk was at enough of an incline that the dumpster got away from the person using it and gained enough speed to really be dangerous. I would think the land would have to be cleared, leveled, and built from scratch to be used by Disney.


This rumor has been around since Walt himself was still alive … That’s what I heard. Still … it would be pretty neat (Only 365 miles form the Arch) and a big plus if the Anheuser-Busch group would help out … WHOO HOO !!! :biggrin:


Right!! See that’s the first thing I thought of when he told me. I said that I though they’d be better off buying a large plot and starting fresh than buying Six Flags. That would just be too much work!!


Yeah, I don’t think that’s likely. But maybe they’ll build a hotel or something, like they are supposed to in DC!


I have read in a Disney biography that A-Busch was the deciding factor in not placing a Disneyland on the waterfront(river) in St.Louis (on land A-Busch would have donated to the project)- as Walt walked out on negotiations over his refusal to sell beer in the park.

I love that idea though as DL and WDW are equaly as far away from us in MN.


I’d rather see them continue to develop the Florida properties. I’m willing to spend the extra to fly from MN to Florida in order to see Palm Trees and sunshine. St. Louis would not be a draw for me, even with a Disney Park there.


Isn’t A-Busch associated with SeaWorld? When we were there last year I remember seeing a sign by the main SeaWorld sign as you pulled in & also they had a barn that had a few of the A-Bush clysdales.


Jen 9804, I agree! There is something magical about being in a completely different place with palm trees. A true destination escape.


Unless you have one your backyard :cool:

I am telling you it isn’t palm trees that make the magic…


I believe SeaWorld doesn’t belong to ABusch anymore. I thought someone else acquired them, Seagrams rings a bell not 100% sure. And the St.Louis rumor goes back to the 60’s.


[QUOTE=tigger;1037036]Unless you have one your backyard :cool:

I am telling you it isn’t palm trees that make the magic…[/QUOTE]

However when you never see them…they’re kind of “exotic”! lol :laugh:


Well I can’t see it but hey that would be just a nice 2hours from my house to where six flags is there…man APs every year disney at least once or twice a month ah that would be nice…well I also know that back oh about 20years there was a rumor that they where going to build a busch gardens just south of Marion in IL. where I24 and 157 meet but nothing every came about with it either…to me one of the best things about WDW is the location though the thought of nice weather when it is cold at home can not be beat…


There’s nothing like stepping off the airplane in sunny, warm Orlando and driving past palms on our way to the front gate. Especially after leaving snow and cold! :happy:


SeaWorld was bought out last Nov by Blackstone. They also have their hands in Universal Studios, Legoland, Hilton Hotels, even The Weather Channel to name a few.

I would love to see another Disney more central between FL & CA, but agree because of the climate it wouldn’t be feasible to build anywhere other than TX.