New DVC at GF


Disney going to build DVC at the GF:

Disney Vacation Club Grand Floridian: Disney to add Vacation Club time shares to Grand Floridian hotel -

The project, which will add approximately 147 time-share units in a separate building next to the posh hotel, is the first new Disney Vacation Club resort to begin construction since the global financial crisis sent sales tumbling across the time-share industry.

Disney said the resort is expected to open in late 2013. The new building will be exclusively time-share units and will include a children’s water-play area, among other amenities.


Saw pictures today of what the finished product. It looks amazing!


Finally, it is confirmed!

And I want to buy!!!


[QUOTE=LittleMissMagic;1097566]Finally, it is confirmed!

And I want to buy!!![/QUOTE]

I know Pam would enjoy pnts at the GF over BLT or one of the others. But coming up with the $$$ will be tough unless we have a huge turn around in the economy. And I don’t see real estate getting better for another 5-7 years. Oh well.