New DVC waitlist process


New wait-list process designed to improve Member experience
Effective Feb. 1, 2009, Members may have a maximum of two active wait-list requests per Membership, per use year.[/B]

While Disney Vacation Club will continue to maintain and honor existing wait-list requests, as of Feb. 1, Members with two or more active requests will not be able to add to their wait lists until their existing requests are expired, matched, canceled or reconciled.

The updated policy is designed to improve the overall Member experience with the wait-list process by increasing available resort inventory (limiting the number of wait-list requests will free up more resort rooms for more Members, as Members will not be holding other rooms that may not be their first preference), improving overall response time (since waitlists will be shorter, Members on the list will receive confirmations more quickly) and boosting the efficiency of Member Services (Cast Members previously dedicated to the time-consuming creation and maintenance of extensive wait lists can focus on handling more calls and serving Members more efficiently.)

This change is just the latest move in a continuing effort to increase Member satisfaction, which earned a 91 percent “excellent” and “very good” rating in the 2008 Condominium Association Survey. Look for more survey highlights in the summer edition of Disney Files Magazine, scheduled to begin mailing in May.


It does make some logical sense to me. I am not a member, so my opinion really doesn’t matter…just saying it makes sense on paper. I guess you will have to see how it plays out to have a real opinion.


This new policy shouldn’t change anything for us, we try to plan ahead and only have 200 points. If I had a boatload of points and took 5+ trips a year I might feel differently.


Good point. I am curios to see what someone like DVC Mike thinks. He does have many different “homes” though, so this may not really bother him either.


Not fair. Someone with 25 points can have 2 waitlists but someone with 2,000 points can only have the same amount.

I don’t see where it will free up any rooms. If I waitlist one place and it doesn’t go through then I end up staying at my original reservation, what got opened up? If the waitlist does come through the original cancels and is replaced by the waitlist. I still only have 1 reservation.

Less hassle for MS but do away with the computer controlled waitlist then people will be CALLING member services like DAILY checking for their first choice. THAT is much worse than having a computer program checking, and MORE costly labor wise.

If they want to save money…get an online booking system up. Even if it was just to be able to check availability, before calling.


What do you think the point of the new rule is? I don’t understand how it frees up rooms either. I have a room booked already, if I waitlist and it goes through that original room is canceled and I still only have one room.


Since I typically stay at one of my 5 home resorts, I don’t have to waitlist, so this doesn’t impact me at all. I’ve only waitlisted one time (and it never came through).


I am waitlisted at BCV (my home resort) for one night in April. I think the intent of the new policy is to allow more members a chance to get their desired waitlist. I’m not sure that the changes will do this, but perhaps I would be higher on my waitlist if the people in front of me didn’t have a waitlist at every resort for that night. Make sense?


I’ve read that this would be one waitlist–Let’s say I waited too long to book and couldn’t get my first choice of BCV so I booked SSR and waitlisted BCV, BWV, VWL. That would all be one waitlist under the new rules and I could have another one for another booking. I don’t know if that’s true or not but that’s what I’ve read this weekend.