New DVC'er - Need Answer from Experts


I pretty much get everything except the part about banking and your use year. Thought someone could explain it better to me. Here’s what the CM told me:

My use year is 2/09. If I don’t make reservations, or have remaining points by 8 months out from my use year, I will have to bank them. That means I have to bank any remaining 2009 points by 9/31/09. My question is…what happens from 10/1/09 to 1/31/10 if I want to use those points or rent them out? She said I can’t touch my banked points until the start of the next use year 2/1/10. So, does that mean I can’t do anything for those 4 months?


If you bank those points, they are stuck into the next use yr. If you decided to take a trip in say dec, you would have to borrow points from your next use yr to your current use yr. Once you bank or borrow points it’s final.

When do you do most of your trips?

That is also why you sometimes see threads “50 points for rent, must use by July 31”. The person for some reason has points that can’t be used by them. It may be they canceled a trip past their banking date.

That’s why use yr is more important than one thinks at first glance.


Got it. I agree with you that they should discuss this in more detail during the purchase. I’m thinking they should actually show scenarios of what your use year would be versus different times of year how it would work.


I agree. I know a lot of people don’t know that your use year can be an issue and guides don’t always make it clear what that means.

We always travel in the summer so we wanted a use year that would get us through the summer before we needed to bank any points we may have left. We got a December use year, it wasn’t our first choice but it works because we should know by the end of July if we’re using the points or not since most of our trips start in late July.


I wish I could change my use yr. It is dec and we take most of our trips in the fall. If we had to cancel a trip, unless we could rent them, we lose those points.