New DVCer - what do we need to bring?


The Goof Father’s family is new to the DVC experience and we will get out very first visit to the The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel next month. :biggrin:

We will be staying at a one bedroom suite, so we will all be so COMFORTABLE! :happy:

Being a newbie leads me to ask what little household things should we bring? Any tips for making our stay in the DVC resort comfy, organized and fun???


Congrats!! Welcome Home!!

Items that should be in the villa.
dishwashing liquid
dishwasher detergent
laundry detergent
pots,pans,plates, and cups
can opener and bottle opener
forks,spoons and knives


Not sure about the DL DVC, but I am certain it’s the same at WDW. I don’t own but have rented three times. I really didn’t need anyhthing except food. The place has cooking and cleaning stuff…maybe a bottle opener…

Bring laundry detergent, so you don’t have to pay WDW prices, but they even give you samples of that.


You only get one small box of Tide so you’ll want to bring more. We use the Purex sheets for travel and they work just fine. It’s so nice to have clean clothes to take home at the end of vacation.


coffee, if, like us, you need it in your room before you go out and start the day. They provide a coffee maker and (if I recall correctly, which I may not:blush:) a packet(s) of coffee, BUT it only makes 1 pot per packet, and if they don’t refill it, you may need more. With DVC, you don’t get mousekeeping services (and thus, refills on coffee, toiletries, towels, etc.) on a daily basis. I think it’s every 4 days…


They have plates and silverware but we always bring our own paper plates/bowls and plasticware so we can just throw it away and not worry about cleaning. You can find everything you need within a five minute drive from DL. If you find you forgot something just jump in your car and go the nearest grocery store or Target.

You will love the Villas at VGC. I don’t think there is a better resort location on any other disney property. There is nothing like walking straight from you resort into a park.


Don’t forget the Boss Mouse refrigerator magnet. A ‘Must have’ at any report.


Is that a refrigerator magnet/beer bottle opener?


Naw, he has a keg in the fridge with a tap right on the door. :eek:

What you need depends on your stay. You get starter packs of dishwashing stuff, detergent, but MOST important - ONLY one pot of coffee!


Have a great time! I don’t really have anything to add, they equip the villas pretty nicely. You’ll LOVE staying in a villa, it’s hard to go back once you go DVC. haha


Excellent point, Flyboy. This is one of our ‘must pack’ items. We use the pre-packaged in a filter coffee thingies.


We stayed at a villa in SSR (non-DVC’ers are we!) so we only took along the ‘houeshold-y’ things that we’d usually take when staying at a non-DVD resort. We found EVERYTHING already there and waiting for us. I think the only things we used that we had brought with us were the extra washing tablets, but thats only because my Mum does ALOT of washing on holiday (crazy I know!)!

As happy as I am to be going back and staying in AKL, I can’t imagine having such a small room compared with the two bed deluxe villa we had in SSR! I will miss the space lol!



You all are so very helpful! Like, duh, as if you didn’t already know! :wink:

I just don’t know where we’ll find that Boss Mouse fridge magnet… :pinch:

My gang and I are getting so excited! :biggrin: