New Epcot attraction


I just found this article about a new attraction that just opened in Epcot

Epcot Center thrill ride is strictly a DIY affair |

Isn’t that exactly what they have had at Disney Quest for years?
Am I missing something? :blink: How is this new?


Basically, it sounds the same. But it does sound more open-ended. At DQ, you can use a choice of specific lengths of roller coaster, this sounds like you can do much more. But basically, yeah. From what I have seen, I only see two seats total. Hope it’s not popular!


I think this sounds great. Having never been to DQ, this is a great opportunity for us to try something like this without having to purchase the additional admission to DQ.

I think it will be very popular and there will be a line for a while.


Here are a couple of pics I got from Disney Blog:


Whoa. From the looks of it, this one is a little more high-tech than what was at DQ! It certainly looks like a good fit for Epcot. I agree it’s not very “new and exciting” though.


Wow! Thats gonna be wild!


Remind me not to load up on the “FROSTY BEVERAGES” before I tackle this beast!!! We have Raytheon Inc. here in Louisville,KY. They produce the computer chips for the “Warheads” and also built at one time the Gun Turrets.
I almost had a job there… How wild that they had a hand in creating this.