New Epcot Dining Options Being Tested


Disney has just announced that they are testing a new offering for dining at Epcot. From March 28 - April 10 you can now book dining reservations at Coral Reef, Garden Grill, and LeCellier from 9pm - 10pm each evening. Prior to this program the last reservation available at these locations was 9pm.

Here’s the text from Disney:

Do you like the idea of an extra hour for dining in the evening at Epcot? Give it a try from March 28 through April 10, and let us know what you think — you can book your “extra hour” table at Coral Reef Restaurant, Garden Grill or Le Cellier Steakhouse. Then get ready to relax and sip a post-prandial cocktail or linger over dessert while the Epcot crowds dwindle.

I quite like this idea. Anything that increases capacity for dining, especially at these restaurants, is welcome. Plus, the thought of relaxing at a fine restaurant rather than participating in the nightly “Epcot Death March” toward the exits after the conclusion of Illuminations is very appealing.


Sounds great to me! We always pull up a bench and watch the stampede go by at the end of the night. It would be so nice to be able to go to a restaurant instead!


That’s a great idea and a win-win situation for everyone.


I would love that. I really like to eat later (than the normal for us), it gives us time to go back to the resort take a nap and shower, them head back out to the parks.


I think it’s a good idea and hope the masses agree. It will make that mass exitus not so mass after illuminations if people hang around and eat and it will also add tables and times to Lecellier which we all know is a bit hard to get.


For us, it wouldn’t matter. We don’t like to eat late. Oh wait, unless it’s a dessert.:happy:


Did they read our post from the other day? Now they just need to do this in the morning!
I think that this makes so much sense. We have tried to get food at the MK at 8pm before, and there was nothing… Which made no sense because there were hungry people in there… YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

Now, off to plan a trip!


I think it’s a great option, I tend to eat dinner early (like 5:30 in WDW) but hopefully the extra hour will open up some more space for the busier dining hours.


I love this idea! Anything that allows more people a chance to eat at the more popular restaurants. Plus I’d rather do that and wait for the crowd to thin than try to get out of the park with everyone else.


I love the idea - I’m just not a fan of Coral Reef or Garden Grill. Now, if all the restaurants of World Showcase were open - that would be cool.


My guess is that this is a trial run and if it’s popular and well-received it will be expanded to more, if not all, of the Epcot eateries.


I love the idea. We normally eat dinner late, so it’s a nice option to have.