New EPCOT parade


Word is going around that EPCOT will be getting a new parade for the upcoming celebration, The Year of a Million Dreams, though currently unconfirmed. More information will be posted when I hear of it.


I can’t wait to hear more!


ooh I sure hope so!


Well you don’t have to wait much longer Erin, since I just got more info about the unconfirmed new EPCOT parade! Word has it that most of the puppets (but not all) from Tapestry of Dreams will be reused, as well as the drum units, which are supposed to get rehab work done before hand.


That’s exciting! Epcot is most certainly my favorite park, and it’s high time they have another parade! Although, now I’ll have to make it to WDW next year too (like it’s going to hurt me or something :wink: )


Wow! That’s great! We aren’t going to EPCOT this trip so that gives me an excuse to plan another trip next year!


That is good news. I look forward to more details about the parade.


I remember that parade, It was great! Why did they stop it?


I never saw tapestry of nations, so I’m excited! I just hope I get to go back next year during the celebration. Epcot really does need a parade.


I just love when WDW starts a new celebration. It’s the stupid little things I notice and yes sometimes collect (hangs head in shame) Things like will they have new napkins? will the keycards change? will tickets change? will they have new souviner cups? will they hang new banners on the light poles on 192? Ohh I can’t wait!!!


i can’t wait for the announcement of the new name of Epcot’s parade for the “Year of Million dreams” celebration.:mickey:


Sounds great!!! Just love EPCOT!!! JOANN


I can’t wait to hear more about it and get some confirmation on when it’s going to start.


Has Epcot ever had a parade? :confused:


That would be great. We have never seen a parade at EPCOT.:mickey:


I didn’t know Epcot had parades. Will it be around world showcase?? BTW, Daydreamer, love the Hines Ward avatar. I am a die hard Steeler fan and season ticket holder and HW is THE BEST!!!


Thanks! I love my Steelers and Hines.


daydreamer epcot has a parade before since year 2000.


This would be great! Hope it happens!!:cool:


The tapestry of dream/nations parade was one of my favorites. I missed it a lot when the quit doing it. I hope maybe there will be a new version.