New Fantasmic Final!


Look at this new fantasmic final


Oh **** no!!!
Just when I thought I had my Fantasmic video nailed down, this? Anybody have any reports on this? Is this just a new end sequence or did anything else change, that is, running time or show content? How about any rumors that this might only be temporary because they’ve got some sort of problem with the riverboat, and they’ll go back to that once it’s repaired?
And while we’re at it, here’s my review of the new ending: It stinks like yesterday’s diapers!


What was new about it? I know the characters weren’t on the boat, but sometimes the boat is being refurbed, I saw them once without it before…I hope they keep the boat.

I love that ending. It always brings a tear to the eye!


Nope sorry but to what I have heard (will need to ask rowdy)
They had to many problems with the steam boat so they got rid of it ! Thats what i heard ! not sure
I am sure i read that on WDWMAGIC.COM WDW, Walt Disney World News Rumors Photos Reviews Discussion Forum but then thats a rumor !
Sorry guys !



The Steamboat is being refurbished. It’s just getting fixed up during this very slow season to get it in, pardon the expression, ship shape for the very busy holiday season. The Steamboat STILL EXISTS, AND MICKEY IN HIS STEAMBOAT WILLIE SUIT STILL DRIVES IT!!!


Well that was yet another shocker me to today.


But you can breathe better knowing that the Steamboat will be back soon right? :laugh:


Rowdy, any clues when it will be back up?


Thanks Pluto2000 for the link and thanks Rowdy for the info!!!


yes, definately. I love FAntasmic as is. I don’t know whether or not we are going to get to see it in OCtober, but I hope it has SBW will when do.


From a purely selfish perspective, I just checked my current version of Fantasmic, and the footage I already have of the steamboat finale is fine as it is. I did want to reshoot from the middle seating section and possibly another area as pick-ups so I can get better lighting and steadiness. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter, you’ll be notified when there’s something I can share.


Thanks for the magic.


Thank you, Soundgod. I’ll be awaiting notification.


I would expect videos to be put up towards the beginning of November.


Please let me know too. I would love to see it.


Phew! Thanks Rowdy. I love that Steamboat and much prefer that finale. Thanks for the link though Pluto2000, I had to watch it twice though as I missed your ‘watch Jasmine’ text the first time and so had to watch it again. Very funny!


Thanks for the link! Gave me chills watching it!


YES!!! So glad the steamboat did not go away for good.


Any updates on this? Have they returned the steamboat to service yet, or is it still down? Any clues if it will be back by Sunday?


Not realy sure but i will go check wdw magic !