New Fantasy Faire Coming to Disneyland Park!


OMG just seen this on my facebook and I can’t wait. I’m sure most of you have heard about it but I thought I would share. See link below

New Fantasy Faire Experience Coming to Disneyland Park Disney Parks Blog


I’m not sure I like Main Street losing real estate, and the nighttime ambiance of the music and swing dancers!

It’s nice they’re keeping the dancing… but it certainly looks like it will be part of Fantasyland, and will have to be closed off from Main Street to keep the themes in place.

Yes, I had to Google Earth to figure out the logistics. :laugh:


Hmm…why didn’t they just put it where the old Festival of Fools show used to be? I, too, am not a fan of losing this Main St. space to Fantasyland. They already took away one of the best burger/ice cream places at DL when they changed it and made the walkway to Frontierland. meh


I guess I didn’t read the whole thing. Yeah, that would suck for them to take from Main St. space to Fantasyland.