New Fantasyland Question


I have been MIA from Mousebuzz for a while, so this may have already been discussed. We are planning a trip from November 24-December 1st. We tried to change the dates once the grand opening date was announced for New Fantasyland, but we couldn’t work it out with work and such. My question is will some of the new things be open at the time we are going. I had heard that there would be some previews for annual passholders, so say I have an annual pass would anyone in my group be allowed to visit those attractions with me? Thanks for you help!


I don’t think so. When we gone to new attractions they checked each adult person, they didn’t seem to check the kids.


I read a blog written by a person who is a Disneyland AP holder and her experience with the AP preview for Cars Land, which I’m assuming will be similar with Fantasyland. They had to make reservations online in advance, and spots filled quickly. But because of the online reservations and limited availability, I would think it not possible for non-AP holders to get into the preview with you.

However, Rowdy announced that random guests will be invited in for a soft opening, so maybe you’ll be among the lucky few.


The current Mickey Monitor passholder newsletter has a little announcement that passholder previews will be some time in November and we are invited to sign up.
That said, I have no idea what the dates are.


Yes, they will be starting previews then. The official press date and grand opening ceremony is the 12/6, but it will be open on 11/19


Does this mean it will be open for everyone, not just AP holders on 11/19? If so that makes me extremely happy!


Update: The passholder site does not have links of further info on the preview.
All they say is “Registration details are coming soon and will be communicated via email and here on the Passholder website. Event capacity is limited, so be sure to watch for these updates! Valid Magic Kingdom Theme Park admission is required to attend this event.”


You’ll be fine. When an attraction isn’t “officially” open, it just means they could close at any time for further repairs, test, etc. But seeing as I’m one of the New Fantasyland Entertainment coordinators, I’m here to say, “see you in November.” :wink:


Thank you Rowdy! You just made my day!


Congratulations, rowdy!


Nice promotion Rowdy. Congrats.


Thank you. Not really a promotion. Just get to be an entertainment captain for a brand new area :biggrin:


Rowdy, are you ever helping characters anymore?
By the way, I watched those entertainers in the daytime parades in the 95 degree heat (it had to be hotter than that) and those people are amzing. They never acted like it was hotter than 70 degrees, and they put on a fantastic show. Please tell them that we appreciate their entertainment-and we can’t wait to see more!