New Fantasyland To Open December 6th!


Just received the news today. The official grand opening of New Fantasyland’s “Reveal” will be set for Thursday, December 6th!

Cast Member previews will happen in early November, and Park Passholders and DVC members will start previews November 19th.

Not just Belle and Ariel’s area will be opening, but also the 2nd part of Storybook Circus will open, Pete’s Silly Sideshow!

That’ll leave just one more phase to open in 2014, Snow Whites Mine Cart Roller Coaster!


to dam slow/late.:mad:
We booked our holiday for September 2012 over 18 months ago expecting most of it to be open as they said it would be!
My granddaughter will be so disappointed. also test track still down until November.:sad:

looking forward to the parts that are open for September!!!:mickey:


We are going early October. . hoping that some of the parks will be open for the “soft” open. . . any ideas?


We’ll be there in mid December … Whoo Hoo !!!


We leave Dec 4. :crying::crying: so close, yet so far. :crying::crying:


That’s fantastic! It seems to be moving along faster than I had expected! Looking forward to checking everything out in January! I wish I could blink my eyes & the Mine Train coaster would be done though, after see the mock up & video of how it’s going to operate and what it’s going to look like at last years D23 convention I am psyched!


I wouldn’t give up, I bet there will be a lot of soft openings going on.


:heart: praying for soft openings during September Grrrrr:frown:


Yes, I’m hoping with either AP or DVC, I can get in for a look early.


I wouldn’t hold my breath. It looked like there’s still a lot to do yet when we were there last week. However, anything is possible


Whoo Hoo:excl:
It was hard not going this year but with so much refurb and construction going on I didn’t want to feel like I was missing so much. Hopefully all the kinks will be worked out by May. Would really like for the mine train to be open as well but didn’t want to wait until 2014. Oh well, gives me an excuse for another trip.:rolleyes:


Looks like we’ll just catch it in time before we leave to head home that week.


…it’s good to know there is always something being refurbished or updated/ replaced…it gives me something to look forward to on our next visit----especially since we only go every few years…:smile:


Well, I knew it wasn’t going to be open when we go in September even though that’s why we planned the trip originally…but now I’m glad we didn’t bother to push the trip back to October. It’s opening a lot later than I expected!


OK Mousebuzzers… whoever gets into the new area first JUST HAS TO POST PICS here! Right away. Just snap the pics and sit on a bench and post via MK’s new wifi. I am serious on this, I can hardly breathe for wanting to see more!!!


Yeaaah…that’s going to be me :wink:

I do know we will probably have “test subjects” even before the passholder previews for our character spots that I’ll be coordinating…so you just never know!


Rowdy, you have the best job in the world!!!


:sad: I was so hoping to hit some of the new stuff for our November trip, at least a soft opening. Oh well, it is not to be. :sad:


Don’t give up! There will be soft openings I’m sure. The OFFICIAL opening, with media, etc. will be Dec. 6th.


Unless the push it back further into December, I am sure I will be one of the first. We are going from Dec. 1 -10.

Has it ever happened that they didn’t open on time or is the history more to the other side - opening before the predicted date?