New favorite thing to do


…make reservations!!

The hold music is just so cute!! :wub:


:laugh: Doesn’t it put you in the Disney spirit?? :heart:


I remember trying to plan the trip that never came to be and listening to the music online on the webpage.
It put me in such a Disney spirit.


I seem to always get “Bear Necessities” while on hold and then have it stuck in my head for DAYS!!! :wacko: :laugh:


I love the hold music! Disney is the best!


I never, ever get put on hold when I call DLR’s Dining number. I’ve called at least four times for this trip alone and always get right through no matter what time of day it is. I want to get put on hold!!! :angry: Sounds silly doesn’t it?? :laugh:


Funny you say that, I had to call last week to change an ADR and DD and I had the phone and speaker and we were singing… DH comes upstairs and yells “PLEASE STOP… WE STILL HAVE OVER 3 MONTHS!”… my smart mouth DD say… “Actually we have 105 day 17 hours, 27 minutes”… DH just looked at us, threw his hands up in the air and walked away.

I love when he thinks he is right, but is actually silly.



I love making reservations, too!!! FUN FUN FUN!


He really is driving me crazy.
I printed out some info for Amanda about MNSSHP, he picked it up and said "You Got To Be Kidding, you both are going to be bored with Disney before we even get there… I don’t think so.