New Fireworks Spectacular this Summer


Word is out that “Magical” A new Fireworks Spectacular will debut this summer in the skies above Disneyland park, it is going to be the replacement of “Remember…Dreams Come True” and will be scaled down a bit from the previous 50th Anniversary Spectacular. Management wants a new show that wont require all of Fantasyland along with other attractions to be closed almost an hour prior, during and almost an hour after the show to be closed. It will also be shorter than the current 17 minute Remember show. I wonder how it will turn out!

ALSO, new light testing has been taking place on Mickeys Fun Wheel this past week surrounding the Sunburst behind what will be the new Mickey face, many new lighting colors and such have been added, its not sure if its new lighting sequences for “Disney’s World of Color” show debuting in 2010 or actual new fun and magical lighting sequences for the Funwheel itself, but it looks cool, kind of reminds me of the new lighting sequences for IASW when the train passes through the attraction, many different colors changing, etc etc.


Very cool! Thanks so much for the updates, though…I’ll be sad to see “Remember…Dreams Come True” end. The most amazing fireworks show I’ve ever seen!


I know, I too will be sad to see RDCT have its time end, I loved that show! :frown: BUUT it just means that something new and fresh is to come! And the new show shouldnt have anything from another parks firework show like RDCT had the opening, ending and theme of WDW’s “Wishes”, so it will be nice to see something new and fresh come to the park, I will miss a lot of the special show and pyro elements that are used in RDCT though, oh well! :happy:


Oh gosh, I am SOOOOO thankful I got to see “Remember…” one more time. You know I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY thought that was the BEST Disney fireworks show EVER! It really was amazing! :heart: I had a feeling it wasn’t going to last too much longer though, can’t wait to hear about the new one!

Thanks for sharing!


Awww I really liked Remember.

I’m really excited for the “Disney World of Color,” though.


I’m really excited for the “Disney World of Color,” though.[/QUOTE]

haha everyone is! I CANT wait! Once I know the opening date for the show Im going to be taking like 4 days off from work to go down there and see it a zillion times, haha! :laugh: (well maybe not 4 days because I cant afford the loss in pay but maybe 1 day - but 4 sounded good! :tongue: )


:crying:NO nononnonononono… I don’t want it to go before I see it more times.