New "full service" restaurant at Saratoga Springs Resort


I just got my first copy of “Vacation Magic”, which is the DVC magazine. Anyway, there was an article in there about a new “table service” restaurant.

Apparantly, “The Turf Club” is being turned into a bar & grill (“the Turf Club Bar & Grill”) which will offer “American Favorites creatively prepared” like crab-cake bites, fried calamari, baked onion soup, grilled BLTs on olive panini bread with apple-smoked bacon, a wide variety of desserts, etc.

It also reports that the new restaurant will “officially” debut this summer offering table service for approximately 140 people, including a covered outdoor patio overlooking Disney’s Buena Vista Golf Course. The “lounge” area, beyond the new dining space will still offer pool, cocktails, and sports games on big screen TVs. The “horse-racing theme” still remains.

Sounds cool!!!

:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


Crab cakes!! Fried calamari!!! BLT!!! Yummmmm…Why am I hungry all of a sudden???


crab-cake bites, fried calamari, baked onion soup, grilled BLTs on olive panini bread with apple-smoked bacon, a wide variety of desserts, etc.

Mmm… reminds me of a panera bread… :happy:


Wow that sounds like a menu thats right up my ally. :tongue: Wish you’re putting serious pressure on me to invest in DVC. :pinch:


Great news!
Sounds like it could become another popular restaurant.


It does sound good. I visited SSR in January and I have to say, it was gorgeous. The grounds are immaculate, the horseracing themeing is right on the money, and the short boat ride to DtD was a pleasure to take.

One of my big regrets about postponing my DVC membership is that I’ll have to wait longer now to stay at SSR. But I still might have to give this new restaurant a try on my next trip. :biggrin:


I heard rumors about this back in October when we stayed at SSR! All I can say is, it’s about time!!! Sounds like a great addition.


This is great news. We have SSR as our home resort and when touring this was one thing I was concerned about. Can’t wait to try it out.


I can’t wait to try all the things at SSR including this! :mickey:


That’s cool, Wish. We’re trying SSR next weekend. I can’t wait to see the place, as I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.


I had the ompression they were building up to this on our last trip (03/05). the bar has been there, but they stated with the finger food. the view on the patio is impressive w/nice cool breezes.


Excellent news - we just returned two days ago and while SSR is a beautiful resort - it really needs a sit-down restaurant. Olivia’s at OKW is so popular, I would think they would have planned one from the start - they probably thought that with the Marketplace so close, they didn’t need one. We picked up a light meal at the little food court and it wasn’t bad, but certainly not great. Everytime I looked into the Turf Club - no one was in it. Good move WDW! (BTW - DVC is really pushing for new members - everyday there would be scads of people being taken on tours).


We will be at SSR for a week at the end of May in a two bedroom suite and would love to know more about this hotel.

#14 has TONS of pictures and information about Saratoga Springs Resort. Just go to the site, then click on “resort” and you’ll see it :happy:


We just got back from SSR two days ago. We had a week’s stay there and it’s a beautiful resort. It’s very quiet. I was worried that it was pretty far from the parks (it’s right next to the Marketplace), but the bus service was excellent! It’s also nice to be able to walk along the river to the Marketplace. The main pool is huge and has a water slide, a zero-entry pool for children, “Donald Duck Sprngs” and a pool party every afternoon. There are two other “quiet” pools on the property - the one with the frog fountains is especially nice and very quiet. The suites are extremely comfortable. We stayed in a studio suite this time, but took a tour of the other suites and they are beautiful and fully equipped. Some might complain that it’s rather “too quiet” for a Disney resort, but personally, we like to get away from the craziness of the parks after a long day. If you’ve ever stayed at Old Key West - it has that kind of atmosphere. They are still building 5 more units, but you won’t notice the construction at all. We had a suite close to the “Carriage House” lobby and it was very convenient. The only downside was no sit-down restaurant, but I guess that’s changing now too. There’s a small gift shop and a counter-service (very limited) restaurant in the Carriage House. A walk to the Marketplace is about 10 minutes or you can take the boat.


Ok… So is this a totally new place, or is it a format change?


They’re just converting the bar into a sit-down restaurant.


Format change Dew, the theming is staying the same but the area is expanding to include a table service room and extended menu. I think SSR REALLY needs this. It will be GREAT! :happy:


They have been planning this from the start. Were waiting for the “population” to increase, i.e. more of the buidling being complete and occupied.