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I am a first timer having to go April next year due to pain in the bum sister-in-law who can’t get her kids out of school. Dumb question coming up now… Is Easter in the US the same as in England? How busy will it be as we are having 3 weeks, 2 in Disney & 1 in Clearwater to recover. We are at Disney from 1st April until 15th. Thanks for any advice!


First off welcome to DC!! :smile:

Easter Sunday is 16 April 2006.


Thanks - do you know when the kids are out from school?


That can be very different from school to school. Here in Louisiana my kids are out from 8th of April to the 16th. I do not know what they do in Florida. We have a lot of members here on DC from the WDW area so they will know.


(I feel that Cavey will have a few questions for you shortly…)

Welcome to DC! Hope you have a wonderful trip and as much fun here planning!!


Welcome to DC just jump right in and ask any questions you may have. You will find a wealth of information on this site.


I am starting to get a headache with all the things to remember!!! Character dining etc etc


2 things…

1st. Welcome to DC. Tons of people to help you here!

2nd. You get 3 weeks off for Easter? How cool is that?! As far as I remember US only gets one week off for Spring break!

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Two weeks at WDW, awesome! Welcome to DC, you have found the best place to come for Disney info–jump right in.


Welcome to DC!
We are also in the UK! We have been at easter to WDW and it is really busy, so much so that we will not go back at that time of year again! Just take is slow and expect crowds!
Are you staying at a disney hotel? If you are make the most of the extra magic hours.

Any questions just ask!


Don’t try to do all your planning at once! You have to spread it out :mickey:

You will learn the ways of DC where the planning is just as enjoyable and fun as the trip!


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Welcome to DC!!! Here in cold Indiana our spring break for next year is the week of April 3rd. Same for surrounding schools too!


In my part of florida, the kids are out from school March 27-31 for Spring Break. Not even near Easter, lol.


Welcome to DC! Happy planning and posting!


WELCOME TO DC!! :mickey:


Welcome to DC! You’ll love it here! :mickey:


Because Easter is a Christian holiday, more and more schools are choosing to ignore it and plan their “spring breaks” for mid-March. That’s not the case in every part of the U.S., but it is a growing trend.

A few years ago the Chicago public school district did away with the observence of Good Friday. However so many teachers took personal days and sick days, the district now has some lame excuse to allow students and teachers off that day without crediting it as “Good Friday.”


What? No hidden message for our new girl!? I’m shocked! :eek:

It’s great to have you choppygirl!!! Welcome to DC!