New health club at Fort wilderness campground


I read at allearsnet on one of the reviews that Fort Wilderness is building a new Health Club. I am excited about it. It is suppose to be done by April YEAH. doesn’t take alot to get me excited.:blush:


That’s awesome…they have so much to do there already… You could stay the week and never even hit the parks…perish the thought, but you could.:laugh:


Very nice to see that Disney continues to put $$ back into all the resorts and not just the deluxe ones.


Interesting, did it say where? I didn’t notice any construction or anything. I’m just trying to figure out where it would go.

While the idea is really good, if they wanted to put money into FW there are many more areas that are badly in need of an upgrade, like a cool, themed swimming pool.

I’ll be interested to see how this pans out.


I agree with tinkelmom, they have so much activity wise that the updates would be better in other areas of FW. I do love it there though… have never actually stayed, but we have gone there for HDD, Trails End, the petting zoo, mouse boats, etc.


Us too, we only visit but really enjoy it when we do!


We’ve stayed in a cabin and they are so nice!


Is it free to use as long as you are staying there??


Is what free?


The health club, I think.


I would imagine it would be like the other resorts that have a health club. They are free to guests staying at that resort…you only get charged if you are not staying there…you have to show a room key or are suppose to. I wasn’t asked once for my room key when I used the OKW gym when staying there…heck I was practically the only person besides my DBF who used it…lol


That’s too funny, I was just going to ask who uses the health club while on vacation :laugh: ? If you do, all the power to you for staying in line with your goals.


I’m wondering if it will be free to the campsite guests too. I didn’t see anything that looked health club-ish being built, but that would be awesome if they did!



okay thanks for the info!