New here!


Hi everyone! For the longest time I’ve been searching for a Disney community that I could relate to as I am a Disney addict who lives rather far from the World and though I make it down as much as possible, I often suffer from withdrawals! Disney World is truly my second home, as I’m sure it is for many of you and I believe that a strong support system when you’re in and out of the parks is a great thing to have! :happy:

I’ve wandered and lurked through several forums but they seem have an attitude and just don’t make you feel welcome (that’s not what the Disney spirit is about! :pinch:). I’ve been reading all of your lovely posts for several days now and this place honestly seems like a wonderful community that I could fit into. I’m a really easy going girl with a strong love for Disney (though maybe a bit obsessive, lol!).

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know all of you as well as sharing epic Disney Adventures~!:laugh:


YAY another MA pal!!!
WELCOME, your gonna love it here :wub:. Everyone is very nice, no tudes here :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Welcome to MouseBuzz!!


Welcome to MB you have come to the best Disney Forum. You have questions just ask someone will have the answer you are looking for.


Welcome to MB!!!


Thank you all so much! :wub: I’m very happy to be here!


Welcome :slight_smile:

Alice is one of my favorite Disney characters :slight_smile:


Thank you!

[QUOTE=tiny tim;1034385]
Alice is one of my favorite Disney characters :)[/QUOTE]

Mine too :wink:


Welcome to MB! It’s really great you’ve joined us.


Welcome! One of my favorite things is when people post their single digit dance…it’s so much fun to relish in their joy for a bit. And be sure to scroll through the trip reports…it’s like being there again. Enjoy!


Welcome to MB!!! I think you’ve found a great new Disney Away-from-Disney home!


Welcome, Alice! You will definitely fit right in here - we’re all a bit obsessive too! :laugh:


Thank you all so much for the warm welcomes! :wub:

I can already tell that I’m going to fit in here just fine. I just love your friendly and open atmosphere! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.


[QUOTE=CuriousAlice;1034368] I’m a really easy going girl with a strong love for Disney (though maybe a bit obsessive, lol!).


Welcome to MB! And you aren’t alone here with your Disney obsession. My whole family thinks about Disney all day long LOL!:laugh:


And this is exactly why I belong here with all you you lovely people! :happy:


Welcome! Kick back and get your Disney fix.


Welcome! Always nice to meet a new Disney friend!


Thank you again! The welcomes are wonderful! :happy:


Welcome! :happy:


Welcome Alice! Youll love it here! Im a newbie too and absolutely spend more time on this website then i do on any other!