New Hidden Mickey -- in Arizaon



I was on vacation for 10 days in Arizona and came across the following photo! Only a true Disney Fan can be in the desert and find Mickey!

I had to look sideways and take the photo. That is why the ground is the side.


Mickey is everywhere! Thanks for posting.


Love it!!:laugh:


oh my gosh, that is SO awesome! I love finding Hidden Mickeys unexpectedly!


HAHA! :laugh: true disney fan!


Oh no…there everywhere. Great find.


Thanks!! I was just out there taking photos and bam! There it was. :cool:

My family and friends just roll their eyes but I knew it would be appreciated here on the boards!

Arizona was great but I am looking foward to returning to WDW in November.


Amazing, I saw it right away! only true Disney fans could see it though!!


Love it!! I love finding those lil guys in the most random of non wdw places!


AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting!!!


Just perfect!! Love it!


mickey is a ninja


Too cool…whenever we find a hidden mickey the kids always say “It’s a sign, now we have to go back to Disney”.


I love it! When we put the ceiling up in my DH new garage the “buttons” that were nailed to hold it up… well, I specifically showed the contractor how to do a couple! We have a couple hidden mickeys in the ceiling.

Just had to!