New ideas!? Anyone? Anyone?


Anyone have any news ways to save money? I have about 10 kids-10 and under- that are family/friends kids that I need to buy for? Anyone have any inexpensive ideas that can be only purchased at the parks that they would like??


I like the beanies. They are fairly cheap and a cute little something to bring back a youngish kid. I think they run about $6 a piece. Find out which character each one likes and try to get them. They have so many to choose from. Another fun one are the pins…also can be bought fairly cheap. I bring home magnets for my aunts and such and key chains for my employees. It’s the thought that counts and I can hardly afford to buy everyone an expensive gift either. :heart:


Nice idea and thanks Dana!! I read on another board that an inexpensive way to get gifts for people is to buy packs of things and break them up…for instance, buy a pack of 4 pens for co-workers and give them one nice pen each?? I also read this about Mickey coffees and or mugs. I guess a nice little mug filled with stuff would be nice for co-workers. The beanies are very sensible…thanks again!


The best Disney deal anywhere is to shop the outlet stores in Orlando. There are acutully 4 different Disney “Character Corner” Outlet stores in Orlando. If you have a car it is well worth the trip. Go early in your trip. It will keep you from spending to much in the parks. Althought most of the item are odds n’ ends, resort wear, last seasons designs, we have seen things that are currently being sold in the parks too.

The closest one is in the Premium Outlet Mall that is accross the highway from DTD. The next closest is at the Lake Buena Vista Outlet on Apopka Vineland (from I4 take 535 S, if you get to the Osceola Pkwy you have gone to far). The last two are both in the Beltz Outlet Malls at the end of International Drive. They are in two different buildings. I think they are buildings 1 & 2. If you drive north up International Drive you eventally run into a collection of buildings that is Beltz. The last parking lot of the left if the first building with a Character Corner. You will see a small walking bridge that takes you to another group of buildings. It is the other building with a Character Corner in it, maybe building 2. I highly recomend the pretsel shop here for a snack.

Even better at the outlet stores is the Beltz Outlet Mall Tent Sale. We bought APs one year around Oct 19th and the sale was the first weekend of our trip. My husband and I both got a nice leather jacket, t-shirts by the dozen, micky ears for everyone we ever know. The next year we went back the last week before the APs ran out and they were having the tent sale agian.

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The Sorcerer’s wheel. I was suprised it was under $10 bucks(seems like it was around $8), and my DD, and two nephews loved them. I played with one, as a kid, and was shocked to see them, at WDW. Compared to some of the other things, I thought it was a great bargain.


The pins. They are as low as $6.50. We got 2 free lanyards and pins w/ the resort voucher. After two days in the parks and 2 Plutos later, this was a great souvenir hunt for our DS. The rest of our stay, he would bring $20. a day and get about 3 pins for the day. Of course, we paid the tax but it was cheaper and easier to pack for our trip home than a stuffed animal a day.


What is the sorcerer’s wheel?


It’s a toy. It’s sort of hard to explain, and I’ve searched online for a pic. It’s a plastic wheel, with magnets sticking out of either side, and the wheel rides along this wire handle, sort of a track for it, you move up and down, to get momentum moving it, along those magnets, and the faster you move it, the faster it goes, and it lights up. I had one as a kid, and didn’t think they were still around.

EDIT-THe pic in the middle is the old version. The Disney one, has Mickey in his sorcerers hat, on the handle,a nd the ball has LED lights.


We (ok I say we but it’s just me) love the soft pvc magnets. I collect and give out the magnets from each park and different rides. Cost is $2.50 to $4.00.



I don’t know how much they cost, but they sell these sorcerer mickey things at Fantasmic (and probably elsewhere) that are battery-powered, and when you press the button, these lighted “strips” twirl around. My kids have never been into toys much, but my 11-year old son still loves his. I guess there’s just something about things that light up and spin!! :wink:

Also, most every store sells really cute character nerf-type balls which are pretty cheap and I know my kids have always liked these. And attraction vehicles are one of MY favorite toys and they’re a unique kind of toy too!

Here’s some pics…(the first is the toy that Curtis was talking about)…


Thanks, MickeyManic…


Remember the Wheel-O as a kid? Same thing only with Mickey.