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hey there, My name is Margaret and I am trying to take my 2 kiddos to Disney the end of Sept. While I am trying to find res’s, I have some questions - I was told the dinner plan is a good thing to get, but my son who is 2 and will be turning 3 soon - should I get him the plan too, or just share my food with him? Also, where is the best place to buy the park hopper tickets for the parks? Should I buy them at the Disney Store, or while I am there - who gives the best deals? Once I make reservations with rented points - am I able to add a person to the reservation? can I change the reservation if another room opens up (ie. studio, instead of 1 bedroom)? And if I do that, what will happen to the extra points?

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I’ll answer the easy question first–if your child is under three you won’t need the dining plan but if the child is 3 or older you have to add the dining plan for him. This one is pretty black and white.

You can add a person to your room at a resort after you have booked, it just takes a phone call.

I always pre order my tickets from WDW and will call them so I don’t have to worry about remembering them. THere is some savings if you buy them before you arrive. You can’t going to find a really great deal anywhere, all the prices are going to be about the same no matter what so I take the easy way.

You can change a reservation once your DVC room is booked but that’s totally up to the member. I would think that most members don’t want to have to worry about changes so you might not be able to change once it’s booked. Any extra points would still belong to the member so it depends what you agree on before anything is booked.


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As for the Dining Pan, it depends on your kids, but for mine at age 2, I would not buy a plan for them. (For everyone else, it is a good value!)

My kids have never wanted to go to a restaurant for breakfast… they wanted to get out and do stuff instead. So breakfast for us is usually a cheap, quick bagel or bowl of cereal in the room. That would only leave us a small expense of nuggets for lunch, and mac & cheese for dinner.

I have to think it is cheaper to buy them a child’s order of chicken nuggets or mac & cheese than it would be to pay for a full day of food on the plan. I am sure someone will chime in soon with a full breakdown of prices and so forth.


What they said…
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Another bit of clarification for the dining plan. Everyone in your reservation has to either have it or not- if your child is 3 you will be required to get it. If your child is 2 you will not. Under 3 is also not charged admission but over 3 is. If you are using magical express and your little one is over 3, you will have to give your childs name and age because you wont have a ticket to board for your entire party.

As for the ticket prices- they will all be about the same however depending on when you are going and how long you are staying there may be better options than one day park hoppers per day. That all depends on how long you are staying.


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We absolutely love the dining plan, find it to be a GREAT value, and book it every trip. Although, as far as small children go I am not too sure. I am sure other MB members with small children will see this and confirm whether or not it’s worth it for the tiny ones.

As far as your reservation goes, I am assuming you are renting points from a DVC member. I’ve never had a problem adding an additional person to our reservation when needed, we had to add one person’s name last minute when we went for Thanksgiving last year and it was no problem at all.

Points-wise, it really depends on the person’s account. Do they have you on a waitlist for other room types? I would have a conversation with the DVC owner you are renting from and ask them those specifics.

Have fun!


if you are planning to go this sept. you may have trouble finding availabilty at this late date.


karliebug is right! Call 407-WDW-DINE as quickly as you can and make some reservations, just so you can have a sure set of good places to eat! Let us know what you choose. We love to hear where everyone is eating! LOL


The dining plan is a great deal, but your son doesn’t need it. You could either pay out of pocket for him (which I would only do if he is a big eater), or have him eat off of your plate. If you do buffets, he is free anyway, and he can eat all he wants.
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It looks like all your ?'s have been answered so I will just say WELCOME to mousebuzz.


Just wanted to say Welcom to MouseBuzz! Feel free to ask any questions, the people here are awesome and want to help.



I’m afraid I can’t answer any of the questions you posed, as I have never done the dining plan or stayed in a Disney resort, but…

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Welcome to Mousebuzz! Actually, for kids 2 and under it says in the brochure that the Dining Plan is not included for them, but they can share from an adult plate at no charge or you can pay out of pocket for a child’s meal.