New Job!


Hey Buzzers! I just wanted to let you all know that I got a new job at Raglan Road! I’m really excited about it, so make sure you PM me if any of you will be dining there! I’d love to see you!


Congrats on the new job! Hope everything goes well for you. When do you start?


Cool! We’ll be there Weds 12/5 at 6:45 for dinner. What do you do there?


I’ve been very curious about that restaurant. Maybe we’ll check it out on one of the trips this year. Congrats on the job!


Congratulations! Raglan Road is one of my favorites. :smile:


Congratulations on your new job!


Congrats… I was just reading about that Pub. Sounds really good… will have to try it next time!


Congrats on the job! We’re coming down in a few weeks again. If we get that way, I’ll ask for you!


congrats - that is awesome!!


Congratulations! Sorry, I know nothing about Raglan Road . . . :blush:
Please tell all about it and maybe it will be a place we’ll have to check out in April!


Congrats kiddo… best of luck


Congrats and best of luck!


Congrats! Fish and chips on the house!!! LOL


Congrats!! Hey, how about sending me some of that Bread and Butter Pudding???




Which one of the podcasters is it that loves Ragland? He used to the do one with Lou I think.


It’s Nathan Rose that love Raglan Road. I went to his Shandy meet last year during Mousefest 06. I tried a Shandy, and it was kinda gross. Like Beer mixed with Sprite. The food there is pretty good.

Congrats on the new job. That is a great place!


Hmmm, might be an interesting trip next year


Congrats! I’ll have to stop by on our next trip and say hello.


Haha! My DH thinks they’re wonderful! :laugh: I think I heard it depends on whether it’s beer, ale or stout that decides the taste.