New Kennels/Spa may be back on track


Just got back from a trip WDW.

While riding a bus from the Poly to DTD (long story). Noticed that there was a construction between Disney Vacation Club Way and DTD on Buena Vista Drive. It is on the Saratoga Springs side of the rod.

It was definitely an active construction site and just caught a glimpse of a sign saying is a forthcoming Bestfriends pet spa.


lol i love it Disney even has a spa for the pups :slight_smile:


They won’t have to do much to be better than the current kennels situation. As it is now, you have to go to the kennel each day to walk your own pet, which sort of defeats the purpose of kenneling the dog. I would love to see the new place set up where each pup gets some interaction with friendly people, some play time with other pups, and plenty of exercise and play outdoors in a grassy pen! And I would love for it to include a special play pen for when the owner comes to visit! And how about a wading pool?
Grooming options would be nice too… hey, how come they never ask us to come on down and help out with the planning of all this stuff? LOL