New Kid's Pirate Cruise at WDW


Found this on another site :flowers:
Wasn’t quite sure where to put it but here it is:
According to Cap’t Ron, this will be in the CRO System very soon this week! Cap’t Ron, who designed the Yacht Club Pirate Cruse, worked very hard on this one, and he says it is the best!

“Island of the Caribbean Pirate Adventure”

Location: Caribbean Beach Marina
Book: 180 days out
Max: 10 Children

The young adventurers, with pirate bandanas on their heads, will board a boat resembling an old battle relic which will sail the Ports of the Caribbean waters as Captain Jack Sparrow did on the Black Pearl… The young pirates will be told the story of Old Port Royale and the pirates that used to sail these waters. In this adventure they will find many props and signs leaning them through the perilous waters to treasure. Once the treasure is found and secured on the boat the pirates will then sail to Fort Cay where they will attempt to trade for grub. Upon returning to Old Port Royale the Treasure Chest will be unlocked and the treasure shared.

Hours: Tuesday Only, 9:30am to 11:30am
Ages: 4 to 10, all Children must be potty trained, NO Pull Ups.
Price $28.17 per child plus tax
Lunch Included: Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustables, Gummy Bears, Gold Fish Treats and Apple Juice Box.
Credit Card Required to complete this reservation.


I want to go on it…it sounds SO cool! How come they never have this kind of stuff for us big kids? :crying:


yahoo! I am going to book DD on this in October-Hopefully! In fact I am going to call today to find out!


I know! It does sounds like lots of fun. Can I just have a cruise for just me and the real Jack Sparrow? :happy: That’d be great. :laugh:


Yeah, I know! What about all us big kids?! :cool: :pirate:


Sounds like fun. I don’t think we will be able to do it this trip, though.


Another vote for a Big Kids’ version!!



I love Captain Ron! I talked to him about this a few weeks ago when we were waiting for the GF Pirate cruise to begin. He said it’s going to be fun for the kids, maybe next summer Nathan will have to try it.


I will have to put my foot down on that one…the captain is mine…lol :wink: oh wait that’s Captain morgan…not sparrow…silly Dana…lol


too funny!


Just stall the boats when I go on the new PoC. And…cover me.


Bahahaha. That is funny!


I just booked the Pirates cruise at the Grand Floridian…I wonder when this one will debut? Maybe I can switch it to this one instead?? When can I make ADRs??? HMMMMM… :dry:


It says you can make reservations 180 days out, but I don’t know when they are debuting it!


I know! That would help, right? :wink:


I would keep the GF cruise if I were you, Kim. It’s the original and you are at the GF for breakfast. You also have the monorail if you want to resort hop instead of eating breakfast.


DONE DEAL! :wink: Thanks, Steph!!! I’d rather eat and roam the Grand Floridian while he is on the cruise, anyway. :cool:


I signed my son up on the one out of the Grand Floridian (he is about to be 6) for our February trip. He was SO excited. Got his bandana, name badge etc and then when they went to line up and say good-bye he FREAKED! He ended up meeting Alice @ 1900 Park Fare instead and was very content with that…I was out the $$ and wish he had tried it, b/c I think it is a very cute idea!


Can I come aboard with Orlando Bloom???:wub:


My son is six and would likely not go on his own either… My DD is 4… and neither would she… though my 6 year old would go if his sister would go…but I think she’d opt out when she realized that Mom and Dad weren’t coming too…

Frankly, I don’t like the idea of letting my kids out of my custody with folks I don’t know… But it sounds like fun anyway…