New "Kingdom Tower" at Contemporary


Don’t know if anyone else saw this, it is in the allears newsletter and on their website:

According to a story reported in the Orlando Sentinel this morning, the Walt Disney Co. has won approval to begin selling time shares in the 15-story tower that has been under construction for months next to the Contemporary Resort. The $110 million addition, located on the site of the Contemporary’s North Garden Wing, has been named “The Kingdom Tower.” Disney has not made an official announcement at this time. For the Orlando Sentinel story:

So do you think this DVC property will require the most points of all DVC properties? Do you think it will sell out super fast? This will be VERY tempting if they are selling in November when we are there!


For full article go to resorts and look at Ready2togo’s thread. I guess I should have done a search before posting. Sorry.


Thats ok! You were excited to share the news!! :slight_smile:


It’s the other shoe ladies and gentlemen!
I guess they sold out enough villas at AKL to announce this finally.


I’ve been taking photos of it a few times a month as it progresses - I would personally guess it’s going to be $$$ (which is good for Disney, as that wasn’t a very high dollar resort wing, compared with other monorail resorts).