New line of mousewear!


In case anybody hasn’t seen this yet, heres a link to the new M.Mouse Dinnerware collection!! M. Mouse Collection


Those are some cute dishes, I just may have to get a set or two for the kids.


You must go out and buy some, Limser :wink:


Oh, dear. I really like this.


Oh my gosh, thanks for the info. I think I may order a few pieces. That set is too cute. I need to check Disney Shopping more often. Thanks again.


Thanks, those are really nice. I like how they look like normal everyday dishes, with a little Disney touch.


Does this mean I have your permission??:happy:


Yes, exactly! Thats what appealed to me as well. :smile:


oll se vay. go get ya some :laugh:


Oh…I must have! Hmm…


The red ones would look smashing in my kitchen… perhaps if they went on super sale…


Well maybe since they’ll look smashing they’ll only have to go on sale?:happy:


OH those are super cute! AP holders get a 10% discount at until March 15th!! :wink:


Those are so cute… I especially love the serving platter and bowl.


Those are so cute! I love the “coming soon” colors!!
I wonder if they have these in the parks?!?!


now why didnt they relase these when I had that 25% off??? That just erks me!

it would have to be super sale because although smashing…smashing is what tends to happen to my dishes around here… :glare:
what was I thinking??:blink:
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Well…they could be your own personal dishes:cool: :laugh: :laugh:


that is a great idea! and the rest of the family can use the silly colored ones from ikea…:laugh: :laugh:
they seem to use them anyhow because the real dishes get too hot in the micowave…:glare:


Oooh yes. I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.:cool:


Oh gosh, yes. I have burned off my fingerprints taking hot dishes out of the microwave! :eek: :redface: