New luggage-- good sales


I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or not but I wanted to let everyone know that if you need new luggage KOHL’S is having a great sale – 50% off!
And then I had my flyer and got another 30% off!! So I got two new uprights (29" and a 25") for $140!! And they also had the “free with purchase” tolietry bags which I got two of since I bought two uprights! (one bag per each upright)

Thought I’d pass it along if anyone is in the market for new ones!


Oh no, off I go to Kohl’s tomorrow. DH needs a better suitcase. And maybe get an extra smaller one to pack with bottled water to take and to bring home with souvenirs in it. :biggrin:


I just wanted to say THANKS! I work at a Kohls. Which ones did you get?


I got the blue Skyway ones! We were originally going to get the Grey Samsonite Dementions but I couldn’t see spending $260 for 2!! I’d be heartbroken if they got ripped!!


P.S. I :wub: Kohls!!!


I had to go and look at mine. We got new luggage at Kohls about a month ago. We got Ricardo and ours came with a free rolling duffel. Brenda got the tapestry and I got the green.


P.S. Me too - most days :laugh: it is still a job after all. But I do love the merchandise!


And working there you probably get a pretty good discount too right?
that’s great!!


i got the Skyway Vision (In blue!!)


It is a standard discount - nothing to shout about however, about four times a year they up the discount for two days. So with a little planning you can get your seasonal shopping done - i.e. Christmas, back to school, easter…


covering my eyes I did not see the word sale and luggage in the same sentence…I didn’t. Must resist temptation…must resist…AHHHHH


I love Kohls! I can spend a ton of money in there every time I go. I usually don’t go in looking for anything but some out with a a couple of bags of stuff.

I’m not going to look at the luggage.

I’m not going to look at the luggage.

I’m not going to look at the luggage.

There, I feel better already.


Ya know, come to think of it, my large black suitcase came from Kohl’s. I don’t remember the brand, and I don’t think I want to dig it out and look, but I got it before our trip last year and I love it. I really am going to look today. I feel like I should be saying:
“I will not buy luggage, I will not buy luggage…”
But oh well. :laugh:


Don’t mean to bash Kohl’s, I love them too but I think I got a good deal from Ebags with a Mousesavers Discount.

I got a 4 peice set (really nice 30" upright was the largest, can’t recall the sizes of the two smaller ones, and a great carry-on bag-perfect size. The brand is “Ntional Traveller - Landor 4 piece”) in red with black ribbing for $68. I was afraid that the luggage would be cheap but figured that since every trip I seem to have a piece of luggage ruined, it should do. To my surpise, the set is soooo nice and it seems very sturdy!!!

Just an FYI!!!