New luggage tags


Has anyone seen the new luggage tags that Disney has out now?
I seen a picture from another group I am in, I am trying to find a link to show my friend but I am having no luck.
Just wandering if anyone seen them, thoughts? etc.
They look pretty cool, I don’t know if I like the “real life” pics of the chars. I think I would like them a little more if they looked more cartoonish.


A little off topic but do you get luggage tags even if you are not using ME as part of the package or do they just come with your ME pack?


I am pretty sure but not 100% sure you would get them!
Last year we flew but I booked my own trip and my own flights and I am almost positive we got the tags.
But then again, Disney knew we would be using “ME” because they had the flight info etc.
Sorry I wish I had a better definite answer for you.


We didn’t use ME on our last trip, and they still sent us luggage tags.


Can you post a picture? Pretty please?
This is exciting stuff!


Yes, please post a pic. I won’t get to see them any time soon. I am driving in August assuming I still get to go.


The pic is someone else’s pic, i don’t know if I can snag it…i am trying to see if i can find it on line


[QUOTE=zoey9797;1075143]Can you post a picture? Pretty please?
This is exciting stuff![/QUOTE]

I’m trying to find a pic that I can snag, the pic that i found is from someone else who just took a picture of her tags…:blush:


[QUOTE=zoey9797;1075143]Can you post a picture? Pretty please?
This is exciting stuff![/QUOTE]

The lady on my other forum was kind enough to send me the picture of her luggage tags so that I can share.


We are not using ME (driving down) and we did get the luggage tags in our packet. They are great!!!


They have a 3D look to them. The come if you book a full package with Disney Travel CO, but does not require air or use of ME. I received mine last week, and we’re driving down.


Like big Al said, the luggage tags have nothing to do with DME, they come when you book a package through WDW.


Awe, they are cute! Except, I have a bright pink suitcase (so no one accidentally walks off with it and my souvenirs!) and I am not so sure about the color combination… LOL!


They are adorable. I was thinking you were talking about the luggage tags for ME, not the ones with the package. I’ll actually get these.


Oh, those look cute…thanks for sharing!

As others have said, you don’t need to be part of ME to get the tags, but you do have to book a package…they are not sent out with a Room-Only reservation as we discovered this year…:glare: