New Magic Kingdom parade


I did a thread search and didn’t see anything posted about this so I’m sorry if this is already out - but I just heard from an inside source at the Magic Kingdom that Entertainment is set to roll out a new daytime parade there beginning August 10. Jiminy Cricket is set to be the host which is why he’s now riding in the float with Pinocchio.

Along with a new host means new music and new floats! Look for the three princesses who normally ride on the end float to all have separate floats connected in a train like float (among other changes!) Get excited.

that’s from wdwmagic.


Cool! Jiminy deserves to be in the spotlight more! Around here at DL you only get to see him at Christmastime, in the Christmas Fantasy parade. :sad:

Those connecting princess floats sounds almost a little like the theme they used for the float in the Rose Parade this year. Sounds neat!

I can’t wait to hear more about this.


go to they have some info about the new magic kingdom parade.


How exiting! I can’t wait!


i can’t wait for the new Magic Kingdom Parade.:mickey:


I am so excited! Maybe I will get to see it when we go in Sept.


Thta’s great!! I’m looking forward to a new MK parade.


That would be great!


That sounds very cool ! As much as I like the current one, it is time for a new parade.


I love a new parade- as much as I dont like change I also dont like the same vacation over and over again! Very cool!


Too cool, new parades are always fun.


yay! love new parades! Hope its still there in Dec!


The daily parade at the Magic Kingdom will undergo some changes starting August 10th, which will be renamed Disney Dreams Comes True. They will ditch the snow globes from the floats and add all new music from a Tokyo Disneyland parade.


cool! I am so glad there will be a new parade for my trip. I wonder if MGM is getting ready for a new one too. I hope not…I won’t get to see my main man if they change it. Hades will be devistated if he doesn’t get to see me in october.:laugh: