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Guess this is where to put random comments and the like, so here goes. I’d like to say that this is a most wonderful group and I want to say thank you to whoever is responsible for having me here. I am pleased to have found such a group with fellow Disney lovers like myself and my family. I just returned from my 1st ever WDW trip from 12/9 to 12/16 2005. There is so much to say, I don’t know where to start. It was a purely magical experience for me and everything I had hoped and dreamed for and more. I think I was more excited than our 8 year old daughter ! I will probably put together a trip report and share with all of you how it felt for me to be 5 years old again and to be consumed by all of the magic of this wonderful place. I have read various experiences here and it seems that the magic is felt by everyone who has ever been there. I hope to post our 500 plus digital pictures at yahoo for anyone who would like to see them. I will post a link on my profile soon.

On a side note, how does one get one of those countdown thingys on your signature ? Any help would be great. Thank you ! :happy:


Welcome to DC, you’re going to love it here!


I’m pretty new myself and its very addicting, everyone here shares that same magical feeling. They’re a great bunch of people too! Check out this link to get your countdown timer going. Have fun and welcome to DC.


Yay! A new victim, oh! I mean member! Welcome to dc! Here is the countdown instructions I always use Good luck!


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P.S. Watch out for Boss Mouse… :wink:


Welcome to DC. Don’t worry about show offs like R2G. Most of us are pretty down to earth. There is a section/thread for trip reports. This is where YOU tell US what you did and how it felt.

We, then, suck the magic out of your report to keep us going.


Welcome to DC!


Welcome to DC now get posting! And watch out becuase we can become a quite addicting group!



I am SO EXCITED to have another new member!!!

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Welcome to Disney Central. I look forward to hearing about your first trip, so please go ahead and post a report. :heart:


Hello & Welcome!!


How do ya do!! Welcome to DC! I believe you will love it here! Let’s hear about that first trip!! Include pictures too!!


:mickey: :mickey: Welcome! :mickey: :mickey:


:mickey: WELCOME! :mickey:


welcome to dc and i hope that love this website. Oh! one More thing my name Jeany031. i want to be your friend in dc.


Welcome to DC. We just love to help new members, so do share your trip plans with us.


HI! Welcome…so glad you found DC :happy: You’re gonna love it here…most of us are normal :wacko:



This site is pretty awesome… Be careful… It will suck you in!!! :wink: :tongue:


Hello! Welcome to the site. Everybody was very helpful when planning my first trip.


Welcome to DC!!! :wub: