New mexican and captains grille


i was able to get adrs for the new Mexican restaurant the night we get there at 7:30. I am hoping we can see the fireworks. we are also trying captains grille the menu looks really good and I think the yacht club is so pretty. Im looking forward to it… we have one night left we are going to wing it and see what is open when we want to eat. I’m living dangerously as i usually have to have everything planned. we are doing ohanas for breakfast and dinner. narcooses for dinner. via napoli dinner, cp breakfast. liberty tree tavern for lunch,


Oh, I have to look at the menu for the Captain’s Grille.
I bet the new Mexican restaurant would be great for the fireworks!


Im hoping it is as good as it looks. it has crab legs which is good enough for me.


OMG my parents ate there twice during out last stay! They love love love it!