New MK fireworks this summer?


I just read on allears that Wishes is being replaced!? So, what can we expect anyone have any details?


NO! I love Wishes, please tell me this is just a rumor and nothing will come of it.


Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how others feel, it’s not a rumor. Wishes will be gone during the 10-week Nights of Summer at WDW this year. The big rumor is that the fireworks display will be the Magic, Music and Mayhem show. HOWEVER, given WDW’s lengthy list of fireworks show, the creative development team has not finalized or finally decided on which show they will use. Soon as I know, will pass it on.


As long as Wishes is coming back I’ll be fine. First Spectro now Wishes…


Thanks Rowdy!


Actually, when you think about it, MMM makes the most sense. Unless there’s some sort of tag, Fantasy in the Sky is pretty lame and the other MK shows are holiday specific. So, unless it’s a reworked Remember, which is largely Wishes with a Disneyland center, they really don’t have that many real options if they aren’t rolling out an entirely new show.
The pacing factor with MMM would be the panoramic bursts, you know, the wide stuff they only do for hard ticket parties and NYE and July 4th.


I have to be honest & say that, even though I LOVE Wishes, I am kinda done with it. It’s nice to see something new & have something to look forward to. I’ve seen the MM&M fireworks show at the Pirate & Pricess Party and it is really excellent. But I’d still love to see something NEW NEW.


So exciting!! I love seeing new firework shows :slight_smile:


I really do agree with you.
When you’ve been going for so long, and know what to expect, it’s nice to see a change. It’s Disney, you know its going to be GREAT, no matter what!


It will be really nice to see a different fireworks show playing in the MK during the summer, Wishes is supposed to return after the summer event anyways, so no worries. When Management replaced “Remember” at DLR with the new fireworks show “Magical” for our Summer Nighttastic this past year, it was really exciting to see a new show and “Magical” is actually a very good show. :smile:


Did they cancel Spectro??? Please tell me I am reading this wrong.


as of now just for the summer season while MSEP that is usually at DLR plays in the MK.


Please, please tell me it will be there while I am the last week of August. As much as I enjoy wishes, I also enjoy seeing something new at WDW…I would also LOVE to see the Electrical Light parade once more…


It will be great. Just think in 15 years when they bring back Wishes… we will be so excited. Any kind of celebration at WDW will be great. I look forward to something new-even though I love the current stuff…
Any kind of celebration at WDW is fantastic…


Yikes!! We should still be good for mothers day weekend, right?? :ohmy:


Anyone know when Nights of Summer starts?


Last year it was June 15th through August 9th so I am sure it will be around those dates again.


I’m soo excited I love there fireworks and it can only improve, a change is good.:laugh:


Yeah, The Summer Events shouldn’t begin until early June.


I’m soo excited I love there fireworks and it can only improve, a change is good.:laugh: