New MNSSHP Costume Question


OK… Tyler wants to be Buzz Lightyear at the party.

DH decided that he wanted to dress up too.

OK so we are going back and forth as to costumes etc.

We receive our Party tickets in the mail on Friday and among other things it says “Children are encouraged to wear a costume.”

DH now won’t wear a costume b/c it only says childern.

My question…

Do they say this b/c they don’t want adults dressing up and they are trying to discourage adults?



hm they never said that before … I have dressed up before and I have seen plenty of adults dressing up …


I doubt it. They encourage everyone to dress up, it make the party that much more fun.

Not sure why they would single out children, but tell DH that he should dress up. You could do a whole Toy Story theme. Maybe he could be Woody, you could be Jesse or Bo Peep. If that is too corny for you, then any costume would be great. There are usually lot of pirates and princesses of course.

Whatever you decide, have fun!


I have seen lots of adults dressed up at this event- we felt very out of it one year as we seemed to be the only ones not in the party spirit! I mean we werent really but alot of people had taken the time to get a costume for the evening- really good fun


We went last year and I’m sure some adults may get children confused but the parents kind of smiled and went about their business. There were lots of people dressed up, kids and adults. DH wanted to then decided not to then when we got there he wished he had! It gets everyone in the spirit of the night. Go for it and I agree you should too! My Mom and I got little hats to ware, I got a Minnie sparkly headband and Mom wore a regular Minnie hat. We still have them and created look-a-likes for our scrapbooks and love how they look. I plan to ware my headband for the MVMCP this year!


DH had the same idea. While I love it I am not sure I want to schlep around MK with that big of a dress on and I would NEVER be Jesse!?



They encourage the kids because kids who don’t dress up feel left out. That’s all that means. An adult who does or doesn’t dress up is much less likely to feel like an outcast. A child on the other hand can really feel down for not being “part of the party”.


I’d say go for it! I am sure adults dress up and it will be more fun that way.
My DH is planning to go as a Canadian pirate… instead of “argh…” he’ll say “eh…” in his pirate voice.


K, sorry for the threadjack, just had to get that out! lol


My gang always dresses up for the party - adults and children. It is a lot of fun!!! We were a gang of pirates for the past 2 years - I think we are going to try for something new this year! Hope you DH decides to partake!!


Yes, dressing up is great! When was the last time as an adult one dressed up for Halloween?? We got special treatment, as well, our whole family was dressed up and we did not match at all, but we were all Disney characters, although we saw a family of “condiments” - ketchup, mustard and mayo! We got to ride Space Mtn. twice in a row without a wait because the Cast Members told us they Loved our costumes! Have a great time!


I’ve seem MORE ADULTS then children dressed up when we go!!

Look at the WDW site: Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .

[CENTER]QUOTE: "Characters decked out in their favorite costumes — so wear yours, too. "[/CENTER]


I posted a similar question in another post & DBF wanted me to call Disney & verify that adults are allowed. This is exactly because of what was said about the tickets saying “children are encouraged …”. After reading what everyone here ay MB has to say, he is much more comfortable with the idea. Thanks for convincing him everyone!


We Are Going This Year To Mnsshp And I Plan On Dressing Up, My Dd Wants Us To Dress Alike.


I think you hit the nail on the head. The adults do it just for the fun of joining in, but if a child should arrive without a costume they would be very disappointed.

We wore costumes last year, but I haven’t decided if I will this year or not.


Yeah, you are right. I told Dh what everyone said and he agrees. He is back to picking a costume.

You know, its funny. DH is “Mr. Man”. He has a manly job, has manly friends and does manly sports. He is so excited about this party. I love him b/c beneath his “man” exterior he is a marshmellow but I LOVE that he is really getting into this. I don’t know why I am surprised, he is the one that turned me into a WDW addict!



:wub: :wub: :wub: What a great DH!!!


I think what it is is that they don’t want children to feel left out if they don’t have a costume. However, adults can or can’t wear a costume, and they won’t feel left out. I have gone wearing a costume and not wearing a costume. I’d rather be there wearing a costume, because almost everyone is and it’s lots of fun that way. Also, much easier to get candy from the cnadystations if they think you are in the spirit. I didn’t get nearly as much candy the year I didn’t dress up. Also, it makes you feel like a kid to be running around Disney in costume getting candy, and as adults we don’t spend nearly enough time acting like kids.