New moderate?

#1 is reporting that the cabins at Disneys Fort Wilderness will become a moderate resort in the coming weeks. Never been so I am wondering what your thoughts are.


they are very big on the inside. the only issue is they are very isolated


I read that too. Interesting…


I guess I don’t understand what it means? How will they change?


What is it considered now?



From what I have read, the rumor was that Disney wanted to put Fort Wilderness into a “class” Etc… value, mod., deluxe. It fits into the Moderate category due to the cabins. They are very nice, and have a lot of amenities, as does the whole resort area. I think this is old news.


Actually sounds like a good idea, except if they raise the prices. I wonder if they are going to be revamping them?


The cabins, at least, already seem to have a moderate price. I guess Disney is making an attempt at having every resort in a category. Moderate would be the best fit for the cabins. I would assume that the campground would be considered a value if they are indeed classifying everything.


I think the campgrounds might be considered EV.


This is the first I’ve heard of it but, if it’s old news…thanks for letting those of us not in the know…know:happy:


Bring the prices down, and I’d consider it!


Whenever I check the price of them they seem in the mod pricing, but they sleep more people . . . don’t they sleep 6?


I always see them as way more expensive than the moderates. Always over $200.


Reason I say that is because I was reading about it on another board, and the info was about 2-3 years old.:smile:


right now thera are priced in the delux range. from what i have been reading, due to the size of the cabins (they are quite large) disney has no immidiate planse to re-price them to be more in alignment with the other moderate resorts. they are re-classing them to try and get more people to reserve them.


Didn’t they recently re-do some of the cabins? I feel like I saw that somewhere but I can’t remember exactly. The cabins are nice…maybe one day when we travel with the little daves!


Whenever I have priced them, they were around the same prices as the deluxes. However since they can sleep more, I wonder if they are trying to position them as the Family suites of the moderate resorts. Sure you pay more, but you don’t have rent two rooms.


My sister, her DH, and their four children, ages 17, 7, 4, and 6 mos. (at the time) went two years ago and had a blast. They said it was absolutely wonderful for a family of six to be able to stay in one room and have plenty of space to move around.

Since she gave it such glowing reviews, I decided to check it out. The prices are higher than a moderate and they don’t provide the services of a deluxe. For smaller families who only need one room, I think the moderates are a better fit.

IMHO, I think the execs are wrong this time. I can’t imagine more moderate customers are going to book the cabins just because they reclassify them. I think they need to bring down the prices a bit before that happens.