New Monorail Mark 7 debuts to public


Yesterday, July 3rd, the new Monorail Mark 7 (red) began its official opening previews to the public. I assume Disney fixed the issues it was having and it should be in total and full operation by the end of the month if all goes to plan. I cant wait to ride it when I go to Disneyland with my mom for my vacation in August, lets hope the crowds arent large!


Oh wow, I was SO wanting to ride it two weeks ago! No such luck! Can’t wait to see pics of it up & running with guests!

Hey you! You gotta’ go see my DL trip report, you came back right in time! Hope you are doin’ good, missed ya around here! :smile:


The new monorail looks so sleek and beautiful! I wonder when they will bring some to WDW?


Sounds exciting!!!


Sounds great. Does anyone have any pictures yet?


I can’t wait myself. :cool:

Voldemort and her minion will be there for sure in October… It looks really good that I can afford to join them. I think just one more foreclosure upon a widow and orphans should do it… :pirate:


Disney stated that the new Monorail designs that Disneyland now has will be an exclusive to only Disneyland. At least for a while anyway until corporate decides to clone it like everything else :glare:


I will be sure to check it out! Thanks for the welcome back, work at both jobs have been so buys lately, so I havent had much time to be on and post. How did you like the new look of Paradise Pier?