New monorail train into service


Newish monorail now in service.

[B]Walt Disney World to bring new monorail train into service[/B]

Walt Disney World has built a new monorail train using the undamaged remains of two trains that collided in a deadly accident over the summer.

The new train is expected to go into service later this fall.

It will be painted with a teal stripe to distinguish it from the resort’s other trains, each of which have a unique color. Disney said the colors pink and purple – the colors of the two trains involved in the collision – will be retired out of respect for employees following the first fatal accident in the Disney World monorail’s 38-year history.

That July 5th accident killed 21-year-old Austin Wuennenberg, a part-time monorail driver and college student from Kissimmee. It also sparked investigations by both the National Transportation Safety Board and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which remain ongoing.

Disney declined to discuss procedural changes it has made to its monorail system since the accident. But it said the new train will undergo thorough mechanical and electrical testing before it begins carrying guests.

“The train will be subject to the same extensive testing as any new vehicle we add to our transportation fleet,” Disney spokeswoman Zoraya Suarez said.

With the addition, Disney’s monorail fleet will grow to 11 trains – still one short of the 12 it had before the accident. The resort said it expects to add a 12th train next year.

Walt Disney World monorial: Disney to introduce new train made out of parts from two that collided –


That’s nice of them to retired the other numbers, I will admit I will miss seeing the pink. I wonder what the teal looks like though.


Probably teal. :ph34r:


II never knew that… :pinch: Anyway… how is it going to look on the monorail though…


Look at the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms. Teal is one of the team colors.

Understand about retiring the the colors, but I will miss purple since it was one of my high school colors


DD5 is really going to miss pink . . . it’s her fav! But I’m glad Disney is doing this, I wonder why they picked Teal?


For those of us who are moderately color-blind, distinguishing colors can sometimes be a challenge, so it’s easier to joke about it. :laugh:

BTW - as a slightly related topic, they are no longer allowing guests to ride up front until the investigation into the accident is complete.


Love that color, look forward to seeing it!