New Monorail Troubles


The new Monorails at DLR are having to be sent back to be re-done because they are too big and don’t clear on the track…And we all know this will end up in a lawsuit with the Walt Disney Co. and the Co. that built the Monorails. You would think they would have made sure they were to be made the right size before being built, dont ya think? sigh

Also, on a better note, the new Matterhorn Bobsled vehicles will be going into testing on the tracks very soon and should be up by this Spring, thats exciting! :smile:


I hear if you run them at ramming speed those new mono-rails can clear the path :laugh:

(that is pretty incredible…I can hear the lawyers saddling up as we type.)


Rats!!..I was hoping to see them next week.:sad:


Next week? :ph34r:


Yes ma’am…see my countdown.:smile: I’ll be in DLR Friday the 8th.:smile:


They will be so happy to have you back there :smile:



Real lawyers don’t “saddle up”…

We do lock and load, however…

As we mosey on down to Main Street at High Noon…

One of the best episodes of Sliders was the alternate universe where the lawyers were actually hired gunslingers… :laugh:

I, too, find it amazing they missed the specs on this… Someone’s head is going to roll…


Wow…that is one big mistake!:blink: Someone is gonna lose their job!


Um, what do you mean by not clear on the track?

As far as I know, the only limitation size / girth is as it goes through California Adventure, where the space between the Monorail and the Golden Gate Bridge is an issue, or as it goes through the Grand Californian…

I would suspect if it’s too big, the only real obstacle would be the boarding platform. Wouldn’t it be easier to reduce the boarding area rather than to send the entire monorail back? :pirate:


They also have to clear the Matterhorn…a much bigger undertaking to move or alter!:blink:


They do look bigger.


So what this really means is there are going to be some really cool new mono-rail cars for sale…at a big discount!

Now I just have to get the city console to let me lay tracks from home to work and maybe a few other places :laugh:

(maybe I can take out a loan and just lay track from my house to WDW!!)


But it doesn’t go through the matterhorn… :huh:

I don’t think there would be that much of a change in freeboard between the two to hit the matterhorn… :confused:

Of course, there was that incident in Seattle where the two monorails sideswiped each other in that one turn… :ohmy:


No it doesn’t go through the Matterhorn, but they have always had an issue with the Monorails fitting AROUND it. This is why they used to go around it VERY slowly…I don’t think the last Monorail had the issue, but the ones before this version did. They even had a warning about keeping your hands inside while they went around it because it was a tight squeeze.


Someone should have told them…“measure twice cut once” :nonono2:


Exactly! Now we have to wait for our new Monorail:glare: Someone should make sure to take away the metric ruler from that guy. Whoever he/she is!:laugh: :laugh: Of course…it’s probably measured metrically. :huh:


Meaning - The Cars are too large, they hit trees and brush when it goes through TL, they just barely clear the monorail beams over Autopia, its very close near DCA and there was some other issue with the track too.


And now because of this, we only have 1 monorail left i believe, so…the resort is planning to go back to the LOVELY one way only transportation to possibly only allowing Resort Hotel Guests to use it (this has yet to be confirmed but its in the process of taking place), how fun that will be! sigh


Wow, that stinks for guests that aren’t staying on property!:cool:


Glad I’m staying at the DLH. :smile: