New Monorails On-Site


I have conformation from a friend at the parks right now that the new Disneyland Resort Monorail Cars are on-site in a CM area. Cant wait to see them in action!

I think after the Holidays is when they will begin to be installed.


New Monorails?! YIPPEE!!! I can’t wait to see them!!!


Does anyone know what’s different about them?


I was wondering the same thing…once I got over the “Yippee” stage.:blush:


Pictures for all of you! HERE is the BIG difference…WOOT!


Good question. The ones I saw when I was there were still done up for the YOAMD; it’s probably pretty safe to say that’s going to change. As for the cars themselves…THAT’S going to be the interesting part, seeing whether or not the configuration has been changed.


The Entire look has changed…check out the link i provided above…


Very snazzy! Thanks for the link, Tim!


Very cool.:smile: Thanks for the info AB. Guess I need to go back soon.:smile:


It’s very Buck Rogers… :blink:


The new Monorails are so cool… We saw a part of one today as we drove by DL… very cool!


AB, they look so cool!!! Thsi is really exciting news!


They’re air conditioned and the seating arrangements are changed so seats are in the middle looking out the windows. The doors should also be automatically operating instead of manual.


Does anyone know if there’s plans to install new monorail trains at WDW too?


As of now these are DLR exclusive monorails.


OH… wow! Looks like someone was getting a litle bored in the paint shop. :laugh: Pretty sleek looking. Glad to hear there are some slight mechanical upgrades too; like auto doors & an a/c system. I clearly remember sitting in the monorail PACKED with too many people in what seemed like 120 degree heat. :pinch: not good. :laugh: