New Mug Design?


Has anyone seen or have pics of the new resort mug design for 2010?
I saw and article on AllEars showing the mugs in DL, wondering if WDW will follow suit?

Disneyland Rovings and Ravings (Laura’s Disney Lines)


It looks like those are just travel mugs, if I’m reading it right. I think the Resort mugs are still the red Mickey ones with the different cover tops. I think the muppet mugs are sweet, but I really want a Mickey one for my resort mug. For some reason it just feels more “Disney” to me.


Yes, I agree. I’d rather have Mickey on my mug as well. I was just hoping for some different designs for our upcoming trip that we could add to our mug collection at home!


I see. We like collecting travel mugs too. That is one item that gets a ton of use in our home!


We use them too but also have a trash bag full of them in the garage. I just can’t get rid of them.


Glad it’s not just me. :blush::laugh:

I love the Muppets, but if I get a mug at Disney, I want the Fab 5 on it!:happy:


Did you try selling them on ebay???:wub::ohmy::laugh:

(Just kidding!)


oh I don’t know I could see myself getting one. Although I do admit, I wish WDW would go back to having individual mugs for each resort


I’ve got several pairs of unused resort mugs. We keep getting them every time we do the deluxe dining plan.
They also make great presents (as long as they have never been used, of course).


That link is making me want to book a trip to California!


You should…it’s wonderful here!


Oh I want one with Animal on it! I have enough of the fab five, truth be told! The ones we just purchased in December were still red with the Fab Five on them, but the body design is like the one pictured in the blog.


I haven’t seen muppet mugs, but I wouldn’t mind that. I haven’t heard anything about new mugs.


Oh, are all the mugs the new shape now? Our mugs we got in the spring were still the wider top and a slender bottom. When we were at DL in 2008, their mugs had a gradual slope from top to bottom as the one shown in this link.


I agree…Animal plus the old geezers in the balcony are my favorite characters


I don’t know about the other resorts, but at POFQ those were the only style mugs they had in December.


All of the Muppets are near and dear to my heart. :happy: