New mugs


I saw this on another forum and wanted to share with you. I think these mugs are cute!!

New Resort Drink Mugs debut at Walt Disney World | The DIS Unplugged Disney Blog


crud, can’t access the link from school. Will have to take a peek tonight. I like the different Resort Mugs. Even when we don’t stay at a particular resort I like to buy 1 as a souvie if we eat there. Makes a great collectable, not so much so if they’re all the same though.


Very cute! I haven’t bought one in 2 years because they hadn’t changed so I’ll be buying one in November. Thanks for posting!


I LOVE them! I don’t know if I will use the refillable option that often (I honestly don’t) , but want that mug to own! Love minnie!


Just when I had finally decided to start refilling my old ones:glare:


Can’t wait to get ours in April! My choice will be pink, but DH will probably opt for green. They look so fun!


Ya just had to didn’t you. :whistling


Troublemaker. I expected this out of Boss but you…lol. :biggrin:


Mine too. I was they had an option where you can use them in the park. With them trying to go “green” you think they would try to reduce the waste of all the cups that they would use/sell in a day.


Did the price go up? I was thinking that it was $12.99 but I see $13.99 on the mugs now.


think I am going to buy 6 for our party members but use the old ones just to be a rebel.


They’re really cute.


Awww, how cute! I want all three! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


If you pay an extra $2.50 you can use them as long as you live.

(…and I’m out of here)


My little girl will LOVE these. Yay, love the change.


Yes they are cute, but why three colors? Since disney’s perfect family is 4 (that’s the number used for all their quotes), I would think 4 colors would be in line.


Oh my word! I LOVE those! My girls and I need the pink ones. I guess we’ll just have to get ourselves to Disney World! :laugh:


I agree . only three colors that is just not right.
is there two styles???

I liked it when they had the resort specific mugs :wub:


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1068532]If you pay an extra $2.50 you can use them as long as you live.

(…and I’m out of here)[/QUOTE]

I knew it wouldn’t be long…

So glad to see the new mugs though. I was hoping they would get new ones before our trip in September.


Thanks for the link! I can’t wait to get a new design!