New On-Line Dining Booking Question


…I think! I could not find the answer through a search!


When you call to make ADRs it is 180 days from the first day of your trip and you can make ADRs for 10 Days. So If you want to make your ADRs on-line do you have to go on each day or can you make the ADRs for the whole trip?

When I made my ADRs online for my May trip I did not give my Resort Reservation # or anything so I started wondering how this is gonna work on-line.

Tomorrow is my 180 day mark and while I think I am just gonna call I really liked how easy the online adr went!

Thanks everyone!


PS Does anyone know what time the dining line open central time on Sunday?


Oh wait I have another question…

If I made my ADRs on line can I do that after midnight and not have to wait for a line to open up?



Yeah, to be honest this year, I have done everything online. It is so much faster, easier, and I have gotten EVERYTHING I wanted. This is the first year we were able to get Le Cellier, Chef Mickey’s, everything. I called in to change Hoop Dee Doo this year and asked if Chef Mickey’s and Le Cellier were available different days, no luck. But, got online to change them and after trying twice, got it done. Skip the phone, go online is my vote!


I agree! on line is a doddle, sooo easy. We also got Le Cellier, and all the major sought after places without any trouble at all. I thought you would need your ressie number, but nope, thanks to Jo-Jo and her guideance (and patience) we have all our ADRs made for our upcoming trip. I was so delighted- give it a try.


And they don’t ask for a resie # or anything? How do they know that you are staying there and want to book for more than one day?


Dixie was well within the 180 day window. Disney only cares about a ressie if you are doing the 180 plus 10 days thing.


Thats what I wanna do. So I can’t do that on-line?



You need to put in a ressie number if you’re on your 180 day mark, just like on the phone. You also can’t make the ressies online at midnight, you have to wait until the morning. I think it’s 6am? Maybe 7am? That’s central time. I don’t remember exactly but I know I had to wait until around then to make my ressies in December. Hope that helps!


Awesome. Do you know where or when you put in the resie # on-line? I can’t seem to find it!



[QUOTE=lisalovesmickey;1026029]Awesome. Do you know where or when you put in the resie # on-line? I can’t seem to find it!


I don’t know without trying to do it myself…I want to say it prompted me for it. If I were you, I’d just try it and see if it would let me make them for more than 180 days out. You’d think it would ask for a ressie number at that point, right?


Lisa, perhaps theres nowhere for the ressie number cos you dont need to put it in? I am probably wrong. Jo-Jo is a terrific source of advice on this.
I thought because we havent booked our resort yet, that we couldnt even make ADRs, but as I said in the previous post, we made loads and had confirmation and everything ( which I printed) I think the 180 days and the 180+10 is sooo confusing. I am glad JO-JO helped us out with ours for this first time.