New Orleans Mayoral Candidate


So I read about this on another site and just had to share!

Kimberly Williams is running for mayor of New Orleans and has a very interesting photo of her in “New Orleans” on her website…here.

Now compare it to this photo of Disneyland’s New Orleans Square here.

Can you believe that she is actually trying to pass off NOS as the actual New Orleans? As if the residents are that stupid that they won’t notice?? Here is an article from the Times-Picayune talking about her election website…here.


OK, that’s just creepy whacky weird


this is like one of those…circle the 8 things that are different pictures that always used to be in Highlights Kids magazine…you know?

It’s sooo freaky…why would someone do that?? I have never been to DL or New Orleans…so I cant really tell…but is it maybe sort of POSSIBLE that it’s really New Orleans…maybe…
Yeah, I am just streching here really…i know


…whoa. Thats…creepy.


That is…unusual. :dry:


I saw that yesterday and showed my mom and she just shook her head!! I thought it was veryy odd


I think the trash can is a DEFINATE giveaway :noo: :huh: :nonono2:

Is this REALLY an electoral candidate’s site?!?!?! This is like so hard to believe!


hahahaha wish i didn’t even notice the trash can and yeah as far as i know it is a real thing!!!


And the sign that is next to the Blue Bayou sign (that was obviously photo shopped out on her site) is also! :rolleyes:

And yes, she is seriously running for mayor. There are 23 or 24 candidates, but fortunately, she is not a front runner (from what I’ve read).


Wait is that the Haunted Mansion in the background of that picture of the “real” New Orleans? :wink:


hahahah that’s funny … didnt she think someone would notice ???


No place in NO looks like that. And no one, around here, would say that someone running for mayor is very smart. But I guess the whole country knows that now. :smile:


Could be she’s running for mayor of New Orleans Square! :dry:

Watch out Disneyland!! :eek: :eek:


I think you’ve got it!



Oh…the only thing that I’ve noticed that NO and NOS have in common…the lovely aroma that NOS gets on really hot days(in one particular area, like a yucky water smell)…yeah…they share that same smell :pinch:


If she is then I want to be Mayor of Adventureland.


Did I tell you guys I’m running for Mayor of a small town out west? Here is a picture of the railroad train that runs through the center of town.


Wow…it looks like maybe that is a runaway train!!! :eek: :wink:


Wow, that is so weird!


That is TOO funny!! LOL!

What a maroon!