New Package Discount Coming!


Just saw on Mousesavers that there is a new package discount (no details) for travel Oct 1-Dec 23 (I think) which is available for booking now for Disney Visa holders and should become available to the general public around Aug 17. Keep checking Mousesavers or call your travel agent! Hope this helps someone out there!


Thank you disyady! I was hoping something would open up for my time frame!

I hope it’s a good one crosses fingers and wishes upon a star

I don’t have a Disney Visa…does anyone here have one and know what the deal is? :mickey:


I have a Disney Visa and I just went to the web site and checked to see what the discount was going to be, I didn’t see anything:pinch:, maybe they will put a flier in with my bill for this month when it comes…sure hope its a good deal!!!


OMG!!! Can this be true!!! It is a sign. I just know it is. :angel:


I am glad this is coming and hope I will be help to give someone a tip. When I don’t have a trip of my own in the works it sure is fun to give codes to the clueless out there.


Deb from Mouse savers just sent me a new mail yesterday
10 days POR with food and Parkhopper tickets $ 4550.00, flights not included. For January 07


Just in case LiMS, you should book that!!!


Thank you so much for the tip! I just saw the post on mousesavers too. I’m calling right now as we are already booked for that period and I am a disney visa cardholder so I want them to adjust the price…think they will?

I’m on hold…Zip a dee doo dah, zip a dee ay…


Let me know I have two trips booked in that time frame one in October and one in November. I was going to wait for the code.


UGGHHHH!!! Nothing available for the WL, all the WL pkgs are sold out! AKL is still available as is the Poly! But, I dont really want to change my whole trip. It was kind of a big deal to stay at WL for Xmastime!

So what to do? Stay with the current reservation? Switch resorts? Wait for the public offer later this week?

OOOHHHHH! I’m so confused!!!


The general public offer will have identical inventory to this one, Disney VISA card holders are just getting first crack at it.

From the looks of things, if you can find availability, the discounts seem to be similar to the current September deal ($15/$40/$70), though I am not 100% sure. The CMs I have spoken to this afternoon have no information about it at all, they can give you prices with the code, but that is it.


Am I understanding this correctly? This discount is only good for package deals and not DIY bookings. I have booked our hotel and flights seperately. Just wondering…sure wish they would have deals for hotel stays like they had a few years ago.


are you sure it was not for Feb?


Just got off the phone with reservations. I was able to get a discount for my room at the WL in October. I had to switch from standard to courtyard view but still managed to save $225.00 better than nothing.


Boy you really have to be in the know as we are. I have a Disney Visa but I got no notice of this. If you are not on Mousesavers or a board how are you supposed to know?


When you say DIY, what exactly do you have booked. Flights are not required, but you must have a Magic Your Way package that includes the resort room and park passes, there are no discounts currently on room only reservations.

As an update, here are the discounts I have found:

Deluxe resort, regular season: $76 per night
Moderate resort, regular season: $56 per night

I will update as I find out more.


Thanks a million mickey! I have a room only with a AAA discount, and that mod rate above beats the pants off my AAA rate. I planned on putting it together myself, but may go for a MYW package if it’s available when the public gets a crack at it, lol.


It is worth putting something on hold, and comparing the two. You should be able to cancel the room only no problem if you stick with the package.


I’m glad to see that they are offering the discounted packages again. Since we rented points for this trip, we won’t be able to use it.


Thanks Mickey!

Did you here that the public discounts will start on the 17th too? I want to be the first one on the phone on Thursday morning so I don’t get blocked out of this one too!