New Paint Job in TL


So tomorrowland is getting completely re-painted, this is awsome! The old paint scheme seemed dull, and to si-fi. The new paint seems futuristic and exciting! This thread will be for any pictures/updates of the “New” Tomorrowland!

Here’s a piece of one of the new murals along side buzz lightyear. Notice how it is emphasized that Space mountain IS a space port. If I had a better picture you can see tiny space ships heading in and out of space mountain through an opening on the side. Very cool if you could see it!


wow, that is so cool. I can’t wait to see it in person!


Yea, the new murals are awsome, I went over this afternoon after school, we got out early, and I checked the park out. Its looking good and the walls are all up around the sub lagoon and the motor boat section has been completley drained and the water line in the main sub lagoon has gone down…work is FINALLY happening there, yay!


Great! I can’t wait for all the work in TL to be finished…it’s been waiting for this makeover for a long time!


I was over there this afternoon, its coming along great and work continues on the subs and the new Monsters Inc ride. They are all gear’n up for the 50th.