New palm tree?


Look They now have a talking palm tree ! YouTube - Garage Can & Palm Tree at WDW


Too cute!! I can’t wait to see it


My daughter interacted with the tree out side of AK. It was as hoot. The person involved was very witty.


I saw that adorable palm tree when we went in May! So funny! He was entertaining us as we waited for Animal Kingdom to open. I:heart:YouTube! You can find the best videos on there!


How cute, can’t wait until Jan!!


That’s great! We’ve see the talking garbage can, but not the palm tree. It’s neat to watch people react!


How cute… I hope Miss SMIG doesn’t find this thread would love to surprise her.


LOL! That is really fun!


The palm tree came up to me and seen I had an ariel backpack on. it started to sing the little mermaid song. I have a pic but i need to upload it from my camera… I will try to get on it this weekend…


That sounds so cute!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

How funny!! A talking palm tree…

When my sister saw the trash can moving, her eyes bulged and she was in total shock!!


They are very cute!


I love those things! They always seem to start up at the most perfect time, when I am about to lose it or something…I always end up laughing. Brilliant!


Does anyone know if there is a talking water foutain? I believe we were at Epcot, and my DS swears the water fountain talked to him, but we didn’t hear it.


I’ve never seen either one in person. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for those.


We saw it in May, he was funny. Isn’t his name WesPalm?


i can’t wait to see this cool talking palm tree.


That’s it!!! Wes Palm! I was racking my brain trying to remember. We saw him in AK in May, while waiting to get into the park. So hysterical!!! :laugh:


He isn’t new is he?


We saw him in May for the first time ever. I’m not really sure when he first came on the scene, though. :huh: