New parade for MGM in 2007?


Here is the latest from :

2007 - Block Party Bash - Rumor - (2/20/06) Sources tell Screamscape that the Studios will put on an all new parade in 2007 called Block Party Bash. I’m not sure if this will be the same Pixar character themed parade that is currently running at California Adventure or if this will be a new parade that may use the same theme. Anyone know more?

I hope that this happens because I’ve heard that the Block Party Bash at DCA is awesome. This would be a great addition to the Studios. What do you think?


OH! That would be SOOOO cool!


That would be so great! Hope it happens!


coooooool!!! As long as I get to see the parade thats there now…
I love when they bring in new parades/shows!!! :mickey:


i’m the same as Erin it will be soooo cool.:mickey:.I wish the incredibles will be the parade next year.:mickey::happy::wub::heart::cool::angel:


That sounds great. Now I just need to make a point of seeing the current parade, we always seem to either leave early or get there after the parade is over.


I think that great!
The parade at the Studios could use a change.


What’s this? Another rumor to confirm or shoot down? Here I come to save the forum!!! Ta-Dah!

Yes, it’s happening. 2007 is the year that the Pixar Block Party happens at Studios! I’ve not seen the parade, so needless to say I’m extremely excited. However, this summer I’m taking my first ever trip to Disneyland so I’ll get a taste of it there before it gets here. Get to watch a parade before being part of it this time. Yay.


Thanks for the confirmation Rowdy!

It’ll be great to have a new parade at MGM…let us know how the DL one is, too.


Oh, and to add to the above, for the time being…

Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater (the 2 star cars from the upcoming Pixar movie “Cars”) are going to be taking part in the current Studios parade later this year, much like Chicken Little has done when that movie came out. They’ll be the Grand Marshalls, or should I say Grand "Car"shalls.


Hmmm, sounds awesome!!! Hope it’s true!!!


Neat-o-Burrito !!!:smile:


Hardy har har!! :wink:


This is good!


What? You nerd.

Hey! any parade is a good parade.


i hope they do the block party bash. that would be so cool!!


Here is some more information on the rumored new parade for the Studios from :

2007 - Block Party Bash - Rumor - (2/22/06) Screamscape sources tell us everything is still hush hush at this point, but prep work has begun to bring the Block Party Bash parade from California Adventure to the Studios sometime next year. Studies are taking place on how to deal with the larger floats and any possible modifications that may need to be made to the pathways and the parade storage building. One source claims that the new parade may start as early as January 2007.